Haunting Nights


Beating drum beats out of beat,

Causing crashing, crying, collapsing,

Innocent in the bunk below,

I am her protector with the remote control,

Chucking up drunk in the darkness,

Fingertips scratching in my ears,

If only they could understand,

Their sounds are more than just a whisper,

Implanting Arthur’s sword into old wounds,

Alone I cry, alone I cry.


Stillness of morning is eerily calming,

Black scars laid down flat,

Arms wrapped around my glasses,

As another knot on my belt is added.

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You Say Too Much Fruit Is Bad For You // A Vegan Poem

You say too much fruit’s bad for you
Diabetes in your future it’s true
All that sugar will make you sick
Whichever route you decide to pick

You say I don’t get enough protein
As almost all the food I consume is green
Now your cells won’t ever repair
You want me strong, it’s because you care

You say too many carbohydrates is bad
Eat less of them and you will be glad
Everyone knows it gets stored at the waist
Please put your health first over taste

You say eating low fat is absurd
I’m a health freak, there’s no other word
Fat is vital for health and that’s that
There’s no substance in fruit it’s non-fat

You say no milk means you’ll have brittle bones
Yes osteoporosis, everyone groans
My nails will shrivel and fall off
Mature cheddar cheese I must scoff

You say what I eat has no substance
That my diet won’t go the distance
I’ll crave foods that I’m meant to eat
Well then, what’s the problem if I cheat?

You say you like bacon too much
It makes you all manly and butch
It’s not good to give up all meat
Go on, give yourself a treat

I say I get everything I need
I am more satisfied and have no greed
I am all for making the right choices
I am doing it for those without voices

I say as you sit there with your Maccy Ds
You’re not caring about the disease
That’s caused by fatty processed foods
Of course you’ve got nothing to lose!

I say do what you will, have no care
For the animals and those in despair
Don’t forget the planet and your health
Those things will give you the most wealth

I say society has made us this way
They always serve meat at the buffet
But eating it is worse than driving cars
We might end up living on Mars

I say I don’t want to cause harm
To those poor animals on the farm
You say being vegan is extreme
You say it’s an idealistic dream

I say I haven’t always felt like this
My life is better now it is bliss
Milk is meant for calves not us
It’s gross it contains lots of pus

I say if you are interested tune in to
Earthlings – it’s graphic please don’t spew
Cowspiracy – the planet is in danger
Forks Over Knives – a life changer