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How The Manchester Bombing Made Me Realise That Humanity Will Never Be Vegan, So What’s The Point In Trying?

Disclaimer: I want to address this matter as sensitively as I can. I do not want to take the thoughts off those that were killed, injured and traumatised. Therefore, I ask if you will read what I have to say with an open heart. I am not using this to push my beliefs on others. I only want to inspire a better world. 

Humanity works on a spectrum. There are those who are the tallest and the shortest and  those who are the strongest and the weakest. Therefore, there are also those that are good and bad to the extremes. This week something horrific happened in Britain. ISIS took responsibility for another terrorist attack in the UK. The horror is unimaginable and I couldn’t help putting myself there, in the crowds. I was the dying woman, being comforted by the homeless man, the child who had no legs and the running teenagers trying to find their parents.

It’s hard for me, as a pacifist, to see why anyone would justify murder. I can agree that many would think that I am an extremist on the left hand side of the political spectrum. It’s physically sewn into me to have a deep opposition to violence of any kind. I was born with a sensitive essence and a single bout of violence or conflict makes me feel physically ill. I feel sick, shake, cry and feel all kinds of negative emotions and physical sensations. That’s how I can see that there are people who have the opposite effect, or are unable to care. I am physically forced to care. There are no boundaries to protect me other than avoidance. All I can do about it is mediate and promote peace.

As a Brit, I am pretty clueless to why terrorists are attacking the western world. I’ve heard so many different opinions online and off but I still don’t understand it fully. I’m only admitting this because I believe there is no way any of us, who is not a member of ISIS or considering it, really will ever understand. To us, it is ludicrous to even consider the thoughts inside these peoples heads, that justifies what they are doing. Our culture is the only way most of us have ever lived and so we are going to be biased towards it and we are going to want to protect it. It’s hard for us to see why would anyone want to destroy our way of living.

Although the solidarity was incredibly moving and probably one of the only good things to come out of the attacks, the worst thing that came after was the racism. All I can see behind these racist comments are close minded and uneducated people, who are scared. They want us to ban Muslims from entering the country and many want us to bomb the terrorists. This just can’t be done. They are all over the world, in this country and in many others. There is no way that we can even find out who they all are, never mind kill them all, especially without innocent people being killed. If you lived in a village where there were crazy gunmen running free, would you think that it would be justified to bomb the entire village to kill them all, including all of the innocent people who have there doors locked in fear. What if one of those innocent people was you? I can’t see how that is ever justified. It is murder. I would hope that most people would understand how unethical that would be.

It’s apparent to some of us, but not all of us, that Islam is not the problem but the extremists themselves are. Just as I said earlier, many things in life are on a spectrum. I want to promote peace, they don’t. It’s simple, yet complicated. If Islam was the problem, we would be having far worse issues than we are today. The problem lies within humanity. There have been many who have fought for land, power and weapons over greed, selfishness and religion for all of our existence. It’s not something new. Correct me if I’m wrong, as I am not exactly well versed in the religion. I’ve heard it’s contradictory and I’m pretty sure that ISIS is getting a lot out of bombing us and I can believe that they are doing it in order to gain more popularity as more and more people hate on Muslims.

We still have a lot of growing to do in this country. However, let’s not forget that we have already grown as a collective in so many ways. In this country women politically have the same rights as men. Change will continue to happen if we work on it. Our ideologies have changed. When something like this happens, people act and speak out of fear. It’s natural to do this. However, the fear from the initial problem creates more problems, as we start to see our own protection as the most important thing. We don’t think about those who live in war zones right now, whose lives have been completely ruined by ISIS. We want freedom from terror but the way we think we should go about it will not always create that freedom that we want. How is it freeing to export innocent Muslims, who are conscious people just like you and I, into a place governed by evil, a place full of poverty and war? How is it freeing to bomb countries and risk killing thousands of innocent people, just like you and I?

I can already feel people hitting me over the head. I know the world isn’t black and white and I know that in my life time I will never see a perfect world, or one that’s perfect to me, but what’s so wrong with working towards positive change? What’s wrong with giving a damn? Ever heard the saying, ‘be the change you want to see in the world?’ Change starts from an individuals desire to make the world they perceive a better place for as many as possible.

If you aren’t vegan, you probably still know that vegans want a vegan world, where no animal will experience violence at the hand of a human, even though most of us know that this will never happen.  The reasons why it won’t happen are so clear to me today. Even after all the centuries that have passed, people are still being hurt and killed by our own kind. Right now, there is no way that I can believe that humans will all stop doing the same to animals.

Killing animals and using them for the greed of human kind is violence, whatever way you look at it. Most people just accept it as just something that has to be done. You might think that vegans aren’t making a difference but as populations increase we will eventually run out of time to fix the issues that are inevitable. We are just trying to make the world a little better.

As a rule, humans generally follow each other, which creates our society. The more humans promote peace, for humanity and the way we treat other species, the better. The more people promoted women’s rights, the closer it got to us actually receiving them. Please be on the side of good, always, and please promote peace, always.



Empathy & Emotional Bias // Veganism

On this random picture of my sweet dog, I would like to talk about emotional bias and empathy. I’ve been reading up on it and it’s interesting and something I want to share. It explains why many people are veggies/vegans and so many more are not. Many people stop eating meat because of empathy. When I think of young pigs being gassed to death I feel as if I were in their shoes. I’d be suffocating and terrified. Even though I did eat a little meat through my teenage years, I didn’t eat a lot and I certainly didn’t eat any pigs or cows. I could empathise with them greatly. However, when I thought about eggs being laid or cows being milked, I didn’t feel as if it was a bad thing so I didn’t feel empathetic. When I found out, from vegan activists, that almost one in two baby chicks were being killed at a day old as they weren’t needed and that dairy cows only lived a quarter of their lives before being killed for meat, and that their babies either had the same fate as them or they were killed for veal, I was able to see how that it wasn’t enough for me to just not eat meat. I was still paying into the industries that kill. If someone can’t empathise with animals being killed in the first place, then they might not consider that it is morally wrong to eat them. In my eyes, it has nothing to do with whose life is more important (a humans or an animals) but whether one can SUFFER.
Which takes me on to my next point about emotional bias. As humans we are emotionally biased to our own kind. If animals could talk they would tell us that their own kind was the best. There are so many things that makes humans better than animals and vice versa. Just because we appear more intelligent and have the ability for moral reasoning doesn’t make us better than them. In fact, we could argue that humans have done more bad to the planet than good. But of course we would always take a humans side over an animals because we have an emotional bias. We feel a lot more empathy for a human than an animal because we are one. Humans have also been well known to have an emotional bias of people of the same race to them. Black people were slaves once because white people thought that they were better than them, which is truly shocking to many. Vegans and vegetarians don’t hold this strong emotional bias of other species as meat eaters do.

Now look at this picture of my dog. If anyone took him and killed him I’d be beyond devastated because I am emotionally attached to him. Just because I’m not attached to every other animal being killed, raised for meat or not (really doesn’t matter to me), it doesn’t mean I want them to suffer. I don’t hate people who eat meat. I think they just lack empathy for animals and have a stronger emotional bias towards humans than me.

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Subtle Things That Happens When You Go Vegan (That You’ve Never Thought About)

Here’s some things that have happened to me. Not necessarily experienced by all.

1. You get to learn how to say no because of the times where you’ve had to decide between you looking polite or cows suffering. It makes it easier for you to say no by putting yourself first also.

2. The excitement of finding new items in the Free From supermarket ranges. Tesco’s Blackcurrant cheesecake anyone?

3. The excitement of finding another vegan! Making new friends that are also vegan is wonderful.

4. When your Mum gets out her blood pressure monitor and she offers to take your blood pressure for fun and you find out that you have perfect results. (Just me…?)

5. When you see through the fear mongering articles trying to get people to drink cows milk. The milk industry is getting scared, bless. It means people are seeing it for what it really is.

6. You become more aware of what’s in your food as you’re reading all the labels. E171, what’s that? *Googles* –> Titanium Dioxide A Carcinogen. What?! I’m not eating that.

7. You may grow to let spiders just be. They don’t creep me out as much anymore! I can even grab some tissue and let them climb on to be moved (small ones only – I’m working my way up).

There’s more but that’s all I could think of in a short space of time. Do you have anything to share? 

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The Difference Between A Vegetarian And A Vegan


The only viewpoint here I can give is my own. I have never eaten a lot of meat. I thought it was disgusting because of what it was. At the start of 2015 I told everyone that I had become a vegetarian. A couple of people asked me why and that was that. A year later I told everyone that I had become a vegan. 9 months on and people are still asking me questions. They get more and more ridiculous over time.

So, what changed for me? Becoming a vegan was not an easy decision. I wanted to give it a go and not tell anyone. So the first time I did and I failed. I had hardly anything to eat. The second time I found so much I could eat and am still continuing to do so. I also had a lot more knowledge on the way animals were treated. I will never go back to eating animal products ever again.

As a vegetarian, I did not want to consume meat. To me, meat isn’t something you just eat. You’ve paid someone to raise, confine, kill and package a dead being. Equality is rooted deep in my core. To align my values with my actions, I had to stop eating it. The fat and gristle I was continuously repulsed with was just a reminder of where the product came from. At that time, I didn’t feel strongly about what others did. They all have different beliefs, or so I thought. Ultimately, I do believe (or hope) that most people do strive for equality and are against animal cruelty but eat meat for convenience, tradition and social reasons. Oh, and don’t forget those who make jokes about how good bacon tastes.

As a vegan,  I do not want to consume any animals products and I am completely against any kind of animal cruelty and exploitation. I never did but it took people showing me how wrong it was, for me to realise what I was doing. I also realised that dairy cows live two decades less than they should as they are sent off for slaughter and their young are slaughtered a few days old or have the same fate as their mothers. Also that thousands of day old chicks get killed for being male. So as a vegetarian I was still paying for animals to die. As a vegetarian I didn’t know that in order for a cow to produce milk, it has to be pregnant. So they are inseminated. I truly believed they just kept producing milk and had to be milked. Yeah, dumb I know but many still do believe this. So when you hear farmers saying that the cows get milked willingly, it’s because that producing all that milk (by the way the cows were bred by humans to produce way more milk than their calf needs) and it’s uncomfortable and they want it out of them. Like when we need to urinate, we use a bathroom.

As a vegan, I think that animals are deserving of freedom and equality, just as humans are. However, we all know that the human race is far from equality and free from suffering but it’s something we are striving for. That’s why I am also striving for a world where no animals are made to suffer at the hands of a human. That’s why as a vegan, I don’t just want the animals that I could have potentially eaten to not be eaten. I don’t want anyone to eat them.

As humans, we have the power to protect all creatures. We can help them live comfortable, happy, free and the way they would want to live. They don’t want to be used, as much as we don’t want to be used. They don’t want to be killed, just as we don’t want to be killed. It’s not humane. We should treat others as we would want to be treated.

Yet people think it’s extreme to care so deeply and it’s normal to be selfish and go with the crowd. Some think it’s laughable and cute to have taken an interest in animal welfare. As a vegetarian I was left alone but as a vegan I am not. I try to look at it positively though. If people are talking about it and asking me questions, I can try to normalise it. I can try to show them that it’s the right thing to do. I can try to get them to make more compassionate decisions.

If you are interested in hearing more. I highly recommend the Youtube Channel Bite Size Vegan. Her videos are absolutely amazing at explaining veganism. I recommend the following video. It includes a story about a cow who hid her calf in the grass because the farmers kept taking her calves away and how farmers trick people into thinking that the meat and dairy industries to be anything but cruel.

Thank you for reading.


5 Favourite Essential Vegan Products


I’ve been a vegan for 8 months now. During this time I have discovered several products that have made going vegan easier and I never knew that some of them existed before. If you’ve been vegan for a considerable amount of time you have probably heard of them but maybe you haven’t so here goes.

1. Nutritional Yeast With Added B12

I discovered this when I was looking for an alternative to my favourite comfort food, mac ‘n’ cheese. The recipe required this substance that you couldn’t buy in the supermarket but yet it wasn’t expensive. I opted for the added B12 because why not have the added nutrition. It’s also got a ton of other nutrients and minerals and even has some protein, if that’s something that you’re into. There’s no nasties or preservatives in it either. It’s just deactivated yeast. I go crazy with this stuff. It tastes incredible. It has a nutty cheesy taste that somehow does not taste anything else I’ve ever eaten. I add it to my gluten free pasta, rice noodles, sauces, vegetable dishes and even mix it in with basmati rice. Yes, you heard me correctly. At first it tasted kind of weird but then I began to crave it and voila a new dish was discovered! It’s so versatile. You can buy it for £3-4 in health shops but I prefer to buy in on Amazon. If you click here you can get 3 packs for £8.85, which is a bargain and will last you ages, unless you go crazy like I do. I went through 2 packs in one week. I need to slow down.

2. Patches

No, we aren’t trying to beat an addiction. I’m talking about vitamin patches. I use a B12 one and a vitamin D one. You pop it on your skin for 24 hours once a month and it gets absorbed right into your bloodstream. I’ve looked them up an they are the real deal. There’s no need to remember to take a pill every morning and I believe that patches are safer as they don’t go through your digestive system and it’s purely the vitamin that enters your blood and not some binders or preservatives. Vitamin pills also seem to have an effect on my bladder causing pain and irritation so I prefer to stay clear of them. The other alternative is a spray or a shot but the patches seem to be working great for me and my energy has definitely been boosted. Click here to see the B12 patches which currently have 50% off although Amazon do have them as an add on item for a much cheaper cost, and click here for the vitamin D patches.

3. Acai Powder

OK, so I made have lied but now I am admitting to the lie so please forgive me! This isn’t an essential product by all means. However, it is a favourite and it will change your life. I wouldn’t save every vegan was big on smoothies or smoothie bowls but this one is. I was recommended this powder by a friend. It’s just freeze dried acai berries ground up into a powder. The flavour is wonderful. When I have some in the house, I put it into ever single smoothie I make because it is just too hard to resist. Plus it’s guilt free ,and I’m talking about your health not your bank account, as it’s packed full of antioxidants and nutrients. I must warn you, once you buy this you will fall in love. In the sweetest, most berrylicious love of your life. Click here to see what I am talking about. 100g for £6.89.

4. Angels On Bare Skin – Lush

When I made the switch, and used up the beauty products I had, I struggled to find alternatives. I’d have to search everything online. I bought Original Source shower gel, at £1 when it’s on offer you can’t go wrong but other than that I struggled. Lush made everything easier. I knew that it was all cruelty free so when I was out I didn’t have to Google every brand to see if they tested on animals or contained animal products. I knew that most of it was vegan and everything is labelled so anyway. Lush isn’t just a shop that sells bath bombs that stick out the whole shopping centre. They do a whole beauty range that includes everything you will need from shampoo to cosmetics. They truly are an amazing company. Most of their products are made from natural ingredients and safe synthetics. Angels On Bare Skin is their cleanser that I use on my face. It’s exfoliating and smells lovely. However, they have so many wonderful products that I’d recommend to anyone.

5. Booja Booja Truffles

No matter what anyone says, chocolate is essential and these truffles are the best things I have ever tasted. Ever. I warn you that they are a little pricey for the amount you get so maybe just get them for a special treat or ask someone to get them for you for Christmas. No words describe how soft, creamy and chocolatey they are. Hazelnut crunch are the best (click here) with almond and sea salt caramel coming in at a close second (click here). Please I am begging you to not go your whole life without trying these!

What are the vegan products that you would not want to live without?

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Best Acai Bowl Ever // Plant Based

I have just tasted the best smoothie bowl I have ever made as I welcome a new ingredient. Acai powder is pretty expensive. It’s a super food so it’s super good for you and one of those things I thought I could live without. Now I will never part with these powdered freeze dried acai berries. Delicious and the best berry flavour I have encountered. Here’s the recipe I used. 


2/3 ripe bananas

1 cup frozen mangoes 

1 tablespoon acai powder

A little water (depending on how thick you like it)

Then blend! Drop in a bowl and add desired toppings! 

PS Make sure you take a bite before you take a photo. Who can wait for that when it’s that tasty! 


VEGAN: Sadness, Hypocrisy, Frustration


Everyone online seems to be making jokes out of it. Like killing animals is laughable. It’s all okay because we NEED to eat meat, they say. That killing another being that shows the same basic emotions as us is essential for us to live, and it’s funny.

Being around non vegans is hard because you know that most think that you are extreme. That your ‘beliefs’ as they call it, are ridiculous, pointless, silly, unhealthy and based on stupid emotions. That it’s nice that you’ve taken an interest in animal rights but it’s a ridiculous notion and not right for them, as they tell you they could never give up cheese or bacon. People hate change. When all you see is death and suffering but it’s OK to everyone else because it’s behind closed doors and animals don’t really have feelings. Yet many people who eat meat think abortion is wrong, or at least they would never abort a foetus when it has no feelings at all.

So why is it inhumane to have a puppy castrated without anaesthetic but for a piglet it’s fine? Or why is the Chinese dog festival awful and disgusting when those animals are bred for meat, just like pigs and cows? Or why is it wrong to wear fur but not leather, when the cows suffer just as much if not more? The UK sources a lot of it’s leather from countries where the animals have little to no human rights. A holocaust is defined as destruction or slaughter on a mass scale but non vegans will get offended when you say that the mass slaughter of defenceless animals that happens in every second of everyday is OK because of some excuse that makes their life way more important than an animals, even though we are just another species living on this Earth.

So not only do you feel alone, isolated and sad, you also often lose hope for humanity. That’s how I feel anyway. Online I can see so many people doing the right thing. But in reality I see humans causing pain and suffering of animals that ‘don’t matter’ because they were bred to be used by humans. Humans run their lives and the animals have no control. No free will. But they’re just animals, right? That’s how people looked at slavery, and black people not that long ago and we are doing the same to animals who just happen to be different from us.

Yes, we are more intelligent than animals and have a higher understanding of everything so we should realise that we have the ability to see passed the surface.

I don’t think that anyone around me feels like this and so I question whether I am the one who is wrong? But nothing inside of me convinces me that I am wrong. So I question if there is something wrong with me? Should I be like other humans who think that they are better and more important than other species when humans are the only species to cause so much destruction to our planet?

What is wrong with me? Or, what is wrong with everyone else?



Delicious Vegan Chocolate Breakfast Bowl

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.17.27.png

I eat this for breakfast when I want something chocolatey but you can eat it whenever you get chocolate cravings. It contains bananas and cacao powder so it packs lots of goodness. My recipe uses a NutriBulletbut if you have a really powerful blender you can use all frozen bananas and make it more of a nice cream. If you have a weaker blender you might want to not use frozen bananas at all but it tastes better cold.

You will need:

  • 1 banana
  • 2 frozen bananas
  • 1 tbsp cacao powder
  • Choc Shot or Alpo Dark Chocolate Dessert Pot (or alternative choc sauce)

How to:

  1. Blend up the bananas and cacao powder with a splash of water
  2. Pop into a nice bowl
  3. Swirl in the sauce of your choice
  4. Take pretty pictures for Instagram
  5. Eat

You could add some cacao sprinkles or chocolate chips too!

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Vegans vs Omnivores // Emotions vs Logic?

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 13.13.52

Vegans vs omnivores is not emotions vs logic. Or vice versa. Veganism is logical and here’s why. Animals are suffering. Fact. This isn’t necessary. Fact. So what can we do about it? Become a vegan. That is logical.

Veganism is also about compassion. Animals are suffering and vegans put themselves in their shoes to realise that it is wrong.

Vegans often see the world differently to omnivores – deeper and past societal norms.

Vegans are more empathetic. They don’t understand when people are shown the reality of animal agriculture that they don’t care enough. They don’t understand why they still want to contribute to suffering. Why they views animals lives below humans. Why they only care about keeping themselves alive. Sometimes vegans let these opinions slip out as they are so passionate about the cause. Sometimes it comes out wrong and then all vegans get a bad name. Vegans care about humans too.

Vegans wish they could do more for the world but most bottle their views up as most other humans think that they are extreme. That it is not logical to give a fuck. So they don’t say a word for fear of isolation. But they understand that they have all been brainwashed by society. By the media, hateful others and their families that think that it is bad for you to give up animal products. But they are just the way they are and you are just the way you are – except one of you is ignorant.

But then they get emotional because the world could be helped so much. That less animals would have to suffer, climate change would get better, there would be more resources, more food and less pain and sickness for humanity. So why isn’t the world listening to the emotional and logical side?

Omnivores think it’s illogical emotional bullshit. They think that vegans are self righteous for giving a damn about the world. A few are dicks just as a few omnivores are dicks. But most are kind and polite and have to listen to the hatred that others spew. That veganism is wrong but it’s fine to have others kill meat for you, to have others to take the babies away from their mothers and keep them constantly pregnant until they will be slaughtered so you can keep consuming milk and have others kill one day old male chicks just so you can have a fatty greasy oily fried egg on your toast in the morning. As it’s OK to do this as it’s the circle of life. But vegans think that humans are intelligent and have the capacity for compassion and that is the difference here.

In this world, you are free to give a damn about whatever you want. You don’t have to care about the damage you are doing to this Earth. But you should. Your children’s children’s children might be suffering in the world you helped to destroy. You can stop this. Just look at things differently and stop thinking that veganism is illogical.

As a human being, you have the ability to recognise suffering and do something about it.


Veganism Is Rebellion


I’ve seen this being talked about on Youtube and social media. It might sound odd to others but to me it makes perfect sense.

We are all tied down by society. Everything we do, from the way we act to the things we buy, is drilled into us by society. The media and news, family, friends and tradition among other things drive the way we behave. There are so many things that I do because society tells me to. I wear makeup, eat 3 meals a day and celebrate my birthday but I don’t need to do these things.

Marriage is one example of something purely created by society. When it was first created, it was about creating alliances between families and the youngsters had no say in the matter. It was not about love. As time passed, it’s value and meaning changed. Society changed it. It is not a natural thing to get married but most people do want to get married. Yet many don’t and are content with just living with their partner as they do not see the point in it. These people are probably asked frequently when they are going to get married and why don’t they want to. These people are often not seen as normal in society’s eyes.

People have been eating animal products for a long time. Therefore, to go against this is to go against societal norms. It is considered normal to eat animal products but not normal to eat a plant based diet. Most people who are vegan were not born into it. Most came from families that ate animal products and brought their children up to eat them and to believe that they are suppose to be eating them. Once upon a time, my eyes were opened up to what was really going on. In my opinion, there are no benefits from buying or eating animal products. Animals, our planet and ourselves suffer and as a result of eating what is considered normal by society. Once I found out the truth, I had to stop eating them. If society wants to go ahead and say that killing animals for food is OK then I do not want to be a part of society. I was so mad with society that I decided to look at even more ways to ‘rebel.’

So join me. Let’s all rebel against the unethical race that we are part of. Society can and will change if enough people are willing to stand up for what is right.