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Welcome to Sarahnity’s blog! I’m so glad you have found it.

Thank you for clicking onto my site. I am really grateful to have you here to listen to what I have to say. Prepare yourselves for a very quick introduction.

Your writer here lives in Lincolnshire, England and dreams of traveling in sunnier places and living life with more freedom, in a world full of love. She believes she would never achieve anything without dreams, inspiration and passion.

She is a creative introvert who likes to do her own thing. Writing is a huge passion of hers and she cannot wait to unleash her book into the world.

She is empathetic and also cares deeply about people, the world, nature, and animals – the reasons why she is vegan.

Her blog posts are mainly about her passions which are yoga, meditation, spiritual and personal growth, veganism and the law of attraction. She is also a big fan of natural health and makes her own beauty products.

Thank you for taking the time to read this introduction. To read a short version of my story click here.

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