I’m evolving

Hi everyone. Thanks for sticking around. I’ve been a bit off with this blog for a while now and haven’t had the drive to write regularly. I’ve recently founded a new project and website called Finding Your Serenity. This is a passion project for me as I will be giving out free guides and worksheets, which I am excited about. There’s also a blog section! I am also asking for content from other people with the same vision I have so if you are interested in producing something for my site then please let me know and I can promote your blog/site alongside it. I feel sad to let this website go. I have changed the domain and I have disabled the email address and can be contacted on if anyone wishes to.

Links to my new stuff:


If you wish to, there is a subscription to the mailbox at the bottom of the webpage. 1-2 emails per month detailing blog posts and free ebooks, guides and worksheets for anyone wanting more inner peace and positivity in their life. Also for anyone interested in personal growth and getting the life you want.



If you have a story of ‘finding your serenity,’ a passion for life, how you came to live the life you are or are just good at writing articles then please contact me using the contact form on my new website and we can hopefully help each other out.

That’s it. Here I am signing off. Perhaps this won’t be the end. Thanks for your support during this period of my life. Onto the next one I go.

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