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Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture Challenge // July 2017

My new photo album and my photo of the month

It was a challenge to take a decent photo this month. I had tried a few times but had failed. Before I get into it, let me show this new photo album that I from Amazon.


It’s not made of leather, as some of them are, which is awesome! It was only £7.99, which is really good value as the quality is fantastic.


There’s quite a few slots so you can insert your (amateur) cute pet photos in!


As well as your holiday snaps! If you are interested you can buy one here.


So that just leaves my photo of the month. I left it really late to take the photo. It was the last weekend I could possibly take a photo and I hadn’t planned any special trips out all month. Well, I guess the problem was that I was waiting for that perfect moment, especially after taking one from Jersey last month. I had to accept that time was running out and decided to take the photo at home in a spot that I love. I often sit on the bench right outside the back door. It just happens to look out to the road and some fields but our hedge is a little overgrown so you can’t really see much of that view right now. I took a few that came out very poorly and a selfie that just was not flattering so I settled for this one. At least the sky is blue and it represents, to me, the time I spent sitting out here this month, reading, dreaming and observing.


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