A Letter Of Love // 5 Year Anniversary


You inspire me to be myself by letting me be me, giving me space to breathe and learn how to grow in the way I want to. I adore the way you are – your patience, kindness, ability to care for me in exactly the way I need, the way you make me laugh when I’m feeling down, your amazing insights and how you read people so well, that you are dedicated to your work, that you are open minded and don’t complain about people’s differences like so many people do, your stability, the way you are so intelligent about life and know how to fix anything and what to do but still let me decide for myself no matter how much I beg you to tell me what to do, your calm presence, your positivity and the way you let things go. For the lack of care you hold for of the opinions of others and how you do what you want rather than what others want of you, for your guidance, your intuition, your logical mind and the comfort I feel from you when I’ve had a bad day and just want to cry. You are my solace, my place of happiness and support.

I was attracted to who you were; who you are, and fell in love with you on a level far beyond anything I’ve ever felt. At the time our friendship would have been enough for me but when someone pointed out our chemistry, my feelings grew stronger. “It’s obvious he likes you, he follows you around like a puppy.” And I remember the moment that I looked across the lab and smiled at you and you grinned back and I felt it. Most importantly, I love the way you are always there for me. I’d always get home from work and speak to you online. “Carl you better be online…” and there you were. Always. I love you.



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