Twenty-Third Day Of Blogmas // Farewell 

I’m really tired today! Just one more day until I am off work. Every year when it comes around I wish I wasn’t working this week so next year I will take a whole week off. I’d much rather be at home watching Christmas movies than working my butt off just to get done a little earlier.

I don’t like the couple of days before Christmas when I’m working and I don’t like how much I really want it to be Christmas Day. Time just seems to get slower on these last two days! Gah!

I’m sorry that I don’t have anything interesting to say today. After work tomorrow I am having to drive my sister home, which takes 45 minutes one way, so I’m going to be shattered and not available to write a blog post. Therefore, this will be my last Blogmas post. Thankfully, that is. It hasn’t been all bad but I’ve definitely lost sleep because of it.

I wish you health and happiness and a very merry Christmas! 


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