Eighteenth Day Of Blogmas // What I Bought At Winter Wonderland

A little late as I truly forgot to post yesterday. 6.30 am still counts as the previous day I think! As said I didn’t buy much at Winter Wonderland on Saturday. It’s not about the things you buy it’s about the experience you have, right? My experience was amazing. Plus I have cut down on my spending recently so I only purchased things I really love. Here are the few things that I did buy.

This book was reduced from £14 to £9. It’s a handmade blank notebook with thick sheets of paper and binding, as you can see at the side. It’s lovely and the print is just to my taste.

I bought this candle for £4. I thought it was pretty and it now sits on my desk. It’s purely ornamental though – there’s no way I’m burning a candle that is shaped like a flower.

I got this alpaca wearing a hat from the cutest Japanese stall. All the toys were super cute and nothing like the ones you get here. I couldn’t leave without buying one without hurting my insides. It currently resides on the Christmas tree! 

I’ll be back with another post tonight! X


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