17th Day Of Blogmas // Winter Wonderland And Fog In London

Today was the day I went to London! We dropped my sister off at work and then headed to the train station! We arrived in London just after 9 am and made our way to Hyde Park, arriving just a little before it opened at 10. It was foggy which, to someone like me, means many photo opportunities so I snapped a few photographs in the park before  heading in.

Hyde Park Corner
It was so beautiful by the lake – you can barely see the horizon
The birds blend in with the colours so well
Entrance sign

We got let in and there wasn’t a great number of people there at that time. The stalls were really good and we had a good look around all of them. There was many gift stalls, decoration stalls and even a wood carving one.

Ferris wheel in the background – wasn’t much point going on it in the fog

There were many rides there too. I’m not a fan of rides, and they were pretty expensive to go on, but we did really enjoy looking around at them. Many of them were winter/Christmas themed but they all were amazing. I’ve never seen such awesome rides. We literally stood looking at them for ages as they had so many different features.

This haunted house was my favourite – the skeleton actually played the violin!


We didn’t get to go to any of the activities because we had left it too late to book but it was still awesome without them. It was a magical place! There was just so much to see. I am definitely going back next year so I can enjoy the activities.

Everything was so much better than an ordinary fair. Lots of the stalls had cool features and some had displays on the top of them. It was all fancy and so entertaining.

The Bavarian Village was cool – except for the hog roast
Carl and I
Churros, with cinnamon sugar, are vegan and amazing!

I was amazed that there was vegan food there. There were a couple of veggie stands that served some vegan food. For lunch I had some curly fries, which were so good.

Hyde Park is certainly the best park I have ever been too

I absolutely loved my day out in London. I’d recommend it to anyone. If you are able to go then go because it really was a treat. Tomorrow I’ll show you what I bought, which wasn’t a lot but I’d still like to share. x



One thought on “17th Day Of Blogmas // Winter Wonderland And Fog In London

  1. thanks for sharing your London adventure, loved it, I’ve been a couple times and really want to go back, but haven’t been to Hyde Park before, gotta check it out next time. 🙂
    I didn’t know that Churros were vegan, thanks for that info too!!

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