Sixteenth Day Of Blogmas // What I’ve Learned From Doing Blogmas And Daily Blogging

I can’t say I haven’t enjoyed doing Blogmas. This is the sixteenth day. It doesn’t sound a lot when you think of it as two weeks of daily blogging but it really is a lot to go from not blogging that regularly to blogging every day. I was just thinking about the things I am going to take away from this experience. Hopefully others will share some of these too.

1. Spontaneous blogging is better for me. I write best when I’m feeling passionate about something. If I am forcing myself to write then it won’t always be heart felt, just will be a little too forced and probably boring to read.
2. Blog more regularly. I have liked blogging more and I will blog more! Just not after a 12 hour shift when all I want to do is get in bed with the heated blanket on and recharge without having to think about much.
3. Quality is better than quantity. Quality is enjoyed more by myself and others. Again with the passion thing.
4. Never daily blog again (unless you write a few days ahead). Some days I just want to call it quits but I have committed to doing this and I am seeing it as a learning experience.
5. Create boundaries. This is something I did not think about during my whole year of blogging but now I am daily blogging I am. Sometimes I think I’ll write about that and then consider that too personal so I won’t. I’ve got to have some privacy and I’ve got to have some boundaries.
6. Write for me not you. The number one reason I blog is for me. That’s why I started it. It’s enjoyable for me and if it is for others them that is just a bonus. Committing to this often feels like I’m doing it for someone else. Like – I’ve got to hand this piece of work in to my boss sort of situation. It’s a hobby for me, not a job.
7. Blog on multiple platforms. I always used my computer but during Blogmas I have used my phone and am currently blogging in bed!

Thanks for reading. I am going to have am early night as I am getting an early train into London tomorrow! Hope you have a nice weekend whatever you are doing. x


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