Fifteenth Day Of Blogmas // Sneaking A Look At Presents As Kids

maxresdefault.jpgWhen you were a kid did you ever sneak into your parents room to feel your presents? We sure did! We also were very cheeky and used to rip the paper in hidden places and try and work out what was inside. The excitement was just too much. As soon as Mum would go to work or go to shop we would go into her bedroom and have a rummage. If this wasn’t possible we would sometimes tip toe across the landing whilst she was watching TV downstairs. That was very risky but we never got caught.

One time I opened a present a little too much and there was no way I could get away with it so I took it into my room and hid it in one of my cushion covers. Also in this cushion I kept magazines for reading in bed so it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for it to have stuff in. The gift was a long sleeved blue tie die top. I can’t remember if I liked it or not but it eventually found it’s way into the bin when I was doing a bedroom sort out. I felt bad about that for quite some time. I’ve never told my Mum that’s what happened. She wondered where the present was on Christmas Day and she also wondered later on.

I was feeling some of my presents today that Carl has gotten me and it made me think of that. Now I’m older, I don’t really want to open the corners and spoil what I am getting because it will make Christmas less special.

On Saturday I am going to London! Tickets are booked and I’m getting excited. I’ve never been there near Christmas. In fact, before last year, I had only been to London twice in my life. I don’t like how crowded it is but I try to overlook that because it’s such a cool place. Every time I’m there it’s almost like I’ve stepped into another country.It’s pretty magical. It’s not too far from me – a 45 minute car ride followed by an hour on the train but it can get pricey so I try and limit my trips. I will be taking some photos and sharing them on here so look out for that on Saturday evening.

I’m doing overtime again tomorrow so I better get some sleep! Good night and I’ll speak to you tomorrow. x


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