Fourteenth Day Of Blogmas // My Christmas TV Guide


Carl bought the Radio Times for the 17th – 30th December. It’s the only time we get it and the only time we really watch things on TV and not just on Netflix or Prime. I am highlighting the things I want to watch as long as I am free to watch it as I am working most of Christmas. So I thought I’d share everything I plan to watch. This time of year has all the best movies and lots of classics so we’re in for a treat!

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, 7.30 pm, ITV – I’ve seen this film before on the big screen when it came out and it was epic!

Sunday 18th December

Santa Claus, 4.45 pm, ITV – Classic Christmas Film. Vaguely remember this one but it will be the first Christmas film I will watch

Britain’s Wildest Weather 20167.30 pm, Channel 4 – Could be interesting.

Wednesday 21st December

Christmas Under Wraps3.35 pm, Channel 5  – Not heard of this one before but I’ll give it a watch.

Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason9.00 pm. ITV2 – These films never get old. They’re hilarious.

Sunday 25th December

Home Alone6.00 pm, Channel 4 – I pretty much end up watching this every year. I love it!

Monday 26th December

The Flintstones9.25 am, ITV – Is it uncool to admit that I like this movie?

Sleeping Beauty2.40 pm, ITV – Classic Disney films never get old.

Despicable Me, 7.05 pm, ITV2 – One of my all time favourite animations.


Jingle All The Way, 7.15, E4 – This is a tricky one! How will I decide which one to watch?!

Love Actually, 9.00 pm. ITV2 – Lots of people don’t like this film but I do!

Tuesday 27th December

Teen Wolf, 12.10 pm, Channel 5 – This film from the eighties is actually pretty funny.

The Lion King6.05 pm, ITV2 – Quite possibly my favourite Disney movie.

Some of the best films are being played whilst I am at work, or sleeping. So unfair! I’m booking all of Christmas off next year! Gutted that Mrs Miracle isn’t on!!

I’m sure there will be some more great movies and shows around New Years too. Hopefully ET!


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