Thirteenth Day Of Blogmas // Writing Posts And The Shanara Chronicles

I had to stay in today as I was expecting deliveries from Amazon. They came but it was pretty late so I ended up not going out anywhere except for the supermarket. I ate this microwaved rice which was a little burnt and made me feel ill. I also had hiccups earlier so I think that also contributed to the sick feeling I’ve had all afternoon.


So I spent a lot of the afternoon watching a new show with Carl on Netflix called The Shanara Chronicles. It’s really good and I highly recommend it. The place it is set in is lovely. It’s about the future from now, after a nuclear war, with elves, gnomes, druids and demons as well as some humans. It’s definitely one to binge on.

I wrote a blog post earlier today about a song I had listened to. It is by this band I’ve just discovered called Cross Record. They have a Youtube channel and are on Spotify. The vocals are quite wispy and they have something deep and raw about them. The post I wrote was about feelings that I had after listening to the song. I could have written that as part of Blogmas but it didn’t feel right. Sometimes I get really passionate about something and have to write something there and then. I wrote it into a notebook and then copied it out. These spurts of creativity come and go and having this place to express myself is wonderful. I love having an outlet to do that.

The written word comes to me far more readily than the spoken word. It’s almost like a translation error where my brain doesn’t know how to decrypt my thoughts properly and they all come out jumbled. My language is written English and not spoken English. It can make it very difficult in talking to people effectively.

I didn’t really do anything Christmas-y today. My parcels came with lots of presents that now need wrapping. I can’t believe how close it is to Christmas! It’s so exciting!


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