Twelfth Day Of Blogmas // Zen Yoga And Watching Gilmore Girls On The Floor

I’ve just had a hectic three days at work. Thirty six hours in total, which means very little down time. I was really happy when I woke up to a day off; a day of freedom. Therefore, I have actual events to talk about today. Not the usual moans about how much I hate work and how predictable it is just listening to the white noise, aka incubators, all day and spending the three breaks where eight of us sit in silence as we aren’t interested in talking to each other. Well, except for my friend and I who sit there showing each other funny memes on Facebook because  if we had a real conversation we wouldn’t want anyone else listening in awkwardly.

This morning I went to my yoga class with my friend. It was a lovely morning. A little misty and the clouds were all wispy in the sky and it looked blue and beautiful. The drive was full of reminiscing of good times when we worked in a more stressful but way more fun place that had real laughter and a radio. We arrived early, as we often do, and sat in the car for several minutes before making our way inside. The place itself is in a residential area about thirty minutes away from us. It’s a pretty special place and a pretty special class, hence why we travel so far. It’s in a bungalow next to a larger house, which the owner lives in. The bungalow is used for her business. We step into a hallway, and take off our shoes and jackets whilst listening to soothing music. Then the teacher, who is super nice by the way, greets us and we step into the main room, which I assume would have been a living room previously. It’s carpeted which is wonderful as my previous class had wooden floors. The fire has been on so it’s warm and cosy. The room has these huge windows which look out to a beautiful garden of so many different shades of green, several trees and orange and brown crunchy leaves on the ground. In the summer we get to do some yoga out there. There are quite a few yoga mats on the floor, making a circle, and on top of each one is a bolster (not always), two blocks, a blanket and a strap. Here is a photo that I sneakily took one Thursday evening, as we go alternate Monday mornings and Thursday evenings, which means we get to experience two different atmospheres.

It’s an L-shaped room and goes round to the right, which is where we normally position ourselves. On a Monday morning there are several more people so there are usually a few more mats down. On entering we sat on our bolsters which are ridiculously comfy and I’ll post a photo of one here so you know what I’m talking about.

I really want to get one for home. We sat next to a couple of ladies who are super friendly. We had an easy conversation with them for a few minutes and it was really pleasant. Normally I find those situations forced and uncomfortable and there’s usually a voice inside my head telling them to stop talking to me but today there wasn’t because these people were nice and warm and genuine. I miss having people like this in my life. More people arrived and everyone was chatting and welcoming each other. It was time to lay down as we do every time the class starts but this time we were asked to lay with our back on the bolster to open our hearts and a blanket covering each of us.Each month the classes have a new theme and it often incorporates the season or time of year. This month it has been the heart. The class begins with the familiar and welcoming ring of the Tibetan bowl. The teacher reads a poem and introduces the class and then relaxes us by asking us several things such as to listen to sounds outside and then inside the room and to focus on our breath. We proceed with a warm up and then several poses. Today we were using the strap to stretch our legs out in all kinds of directions. After the hour is up, we prepare for Yoga Nidra. We all lay with our heads towards the centre with pillows and blankets. I also place the bolster under my knees which is really comfy. Yoga Nidra takes about half an hour and is a type of meditation. It begins and ends with the sound of the Tibetan bowl. I often go pretty deep and experience many different things during it. Today I felt very tired from work so I found it hard to do what I was being asked of such as counting with the breath. We began by chanting Om three times.My sankalpa today was ‘I fully accept myself.’ I’ve used this one before but I couldn’t think of anything else. The visualisation was to do with the spiritual heart. I wrote about Yoga Nidra in more detail in a blog post about four days ago if you are interested. Once it’s over we roll onto our sides and sit up when we are ready. I was not ready! I wanted to remain there for much longer but did as everyone else did and sat up with my eyes still closed but I took my time. We chanted Om three times again. It’s so nice because once we’ve finished we had a moment of quiet which is really quite meditative and peaceful. The couple at the back, they are an actual couple, were asked to skoot up with their blankets and we formed a circle. Instead of saying Namaste to the teacher we turned to our left and said it to the person sat there and they past it along, as a way of connecting. It was different and I liked saying it alone in front of everyone even though everyone was watching. You see, this class is something really special. For most clubs and classes that I’ve attended in the past I’d always get the feeling of not wanting to go and wanting to remain at home but for this one I get a feeling of wanting to go. I’d go twice a week if I could. It’s a very personal yet connective experience and it’s so refreshing. Our teacher is very vocal about us doing what our body needs and what feels right for us. So much so that I feel comfortable doing things a little differently to others because it is welcomed. I feel like I’m a home by myself.

I can’t believe we won’t be going again for a month. I’m going to really miss it. Our yoga teacher wished us well and we set off home. I returned to a messy house and tidied up whilst listening to my Spotify playlist ‘Music Shop’ as that always makes my days off better. I spent the afternoon online shopping and managed to buy the rest of my presents. I spend the evening on the sofa with my duvet and pillow. I couldn’t find my phone so Carl asked me to move so he could look on the sofa and I ended up slumping onto the floor, where I am still, with my back against my pillow up against the sofa, my duvet enclosed around me, phone in hand and the Gilmore Girls on pause while I write this blog post about my day. It’s nice down here. Everything looks different from this perspective but my bottom is going a little numb so I’m going to sit on my pillow.

So that’s it’s from me folks. There’s no moral of the story. It’s just what it is. I hope you are having a lovely day doing something you enjoy. Take it easy and I’ll speak with you tomorrow x 

PS I’m also really happy that I’ve managed to cure my severely painful periods that were so bad by eating mainly gluten free. It’s the second month and there’s no pain. Barely a twinge. I can’t believe it was gluten that caused me so much pain over so many years and led me to take the pill which had awful side effects. I need to share my message and one more month of no pain and I’ll be making a blog post and a video about this 😍. 


2 thoughts on “Twelfth Day Of Blogmas // Zen Yoga And Watching Gilmore Girls On The Floor

  1. I love this! This is written so beautifully, I literally feel like I went with you lmao. I’d love to go to a session like this! I’ve been going to yoga on and off for years but it’s just the run of the mill, at the gym kind of yoga before we get chucked out by a ‘legs, bums N tumms’ class or something. Definitely need to find out if there’s anything like this nearby! How did you find out about it? x

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