Eleventh Day Of Blogmas // Vegan Secret Santa

I took part in Secret Santa at work this year. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what it’s about. I was lucky enough to get picked by my best friend and we always tell each other who we have so I knew early on. It’s so nice having a best friend at work. As soon as my present arrived she gave me it! I was so happy when I opened it. It’s a vegan goodie box by The Goodness Project.

Look inside! All these cute tasty vegan snacks that all colour coordinate. I hadn’t tried any of them before and felt well and truly spoilt for choice. The chocolate bar was delicious and this Goji Goodness bar was probably my favourite thing in there.

Although, the Booja Booja chocolate truffles were exceptional. I’ve had them before but they are super pricey. There were six chocolates and three different flavors. They are my favourite chocolates by far and I’d probably have still agreed if I had tried them before I was vegan. My mouth waters just thinking about them.

I got someone at work who was a vegetarian and I knew she had given up cheese and she was talking to me about free from chocolate so I got the impression that she was transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. She’d stopped eating meat as a child after finding out where it comes from. So for her present I got a really nice candle and some vegan snacks and treats.

Recently, my colleague who went vegan at the same time as me, left work. We had pretty much gone vegan at the same time. I mean one day I walked into a conversation that she and a few others were having about her and her husband going vegan and I just happened to have just turned vegan a few days before. It was weird as we had done it independently but it was also exciting to have someone who was going through the same thing. We would talk to the person I had for Secret Santa about veganism and how it is doable, as she had doubts. Then last week this person came up to me and told me that they were now vegan! I was over the moon and kind of sad that my ex colleague wasn’t here to share the excitement, although I did text her. There would have been three of us at work! I can’t believe that is going vegan influenced her to. It’s really amazing! 


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