Tenth Day Of Blogmas // Presents, Presents, Presents!

In one week I will be attending Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park with Carl! I am excited as I was meant to go last year but to be honest I was a little worried about going into London with all that was going on in the world. I’m not letting fear stop me this time. I’m not entirely sure what to expect and I don’t want to look too much into so it will be a surprise. I hopefully will pick up a couple of last minute gifts so I will be able to wrap and deliver them in time for Christmas.

I don’t buy many presents really. Probably not as many as other people do. I buy for my Mum, Step Dad, Nan, Auntie, 2 friends, my sister and of course Carl. We don’t buy for our dog Jasper because he always gets some bought for him from others and he has so many toys already. My Dad never wants presents and I doubt my brother would either.

I have bought quite a few gifts already and will make the most of Amazon Prime on Monday and Tuesday ordering some more. I have wrapped almost all of the ones I have bought. It’s harder to wrap Carl’s presents because he’s always been around when I feel like wrapping!

I use tissue paper and ribbon and stickers! Anything to make them look pretty and nice. I enjoy being creative with them. 

Last year I bought Carl a new Tom Tom and he bought me a Fitbit and a Kindle Paperwhite but this year we have decided to spend less on each other to save money. I can’t write what I have got him on here because he reads my posts!

So on Christmas morning, once I have persuaded Carl to get out of bed, we get up and open all the presents! Usually one by one but I always have a few left afterwards from Mum so I let Carl open a few of them. I love sorting them out afterwards and eventually finding a place for them. I generally spend a lot of the day with them. Writing in new notebooks, reading, playing, watching, wearing and the rest! 

After opening them I ring up my family thank them and wish them a merry Christmas. 

I have quite a few gifts under the tree already and I am getting rather excited about opening them!




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