Ninth Day Of Blogmas // Animals Die To Give You A Treat

Just a quick one today! I was asked what I was going to have for Christmas dinner (again) today. They told me that Christmas is a time to have a treat. Well, I’ll have you know that this person has several ‘treats’ a week. A treat should not require the death of defenceless animals. An animal, like you, who is given this one chance to live and ends up with a very short life because they are killed WAY before their time. They don’t have these long lives like people seem to think. An animal, like you, who wants to live. How about you imagine what it is like to be one of those animals queuing for slaughter. Hearing you’re family and friends crying out before its your turn. But to some this killing and suffering is okay because it’s a treat for you. Yeah I see your side of things too. I see that you don’t see the harm because we other animals hunt and kill other animals for food but the way factory farms are ran and the way that humans treat animals is nothing but unnatural. Now that’s what I wanted to say.

That’s it for today. Sorry there’s no joy in today’s post. I’m tired and have had a long day! See you tomorrow. x


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