Eighth Day Of Blogmas // How To Relax During Busy Times

Christmas can be a very busy time. It can get hectic with how busy the shops are, you might feel pressured for time, the amount of money you spend, the parties and the family visits. You can make it how you want but please take some time to relax and do things for yourself to stop yourself from becoming overwhelmed, especially when the holiday period is over. Here’s a four things that I do that help me during this time.

1. Yoga


Believe me, yoga is one of the best things you can do to unwind and destress. There are so many benefits but the best one is that it is really calming. You can practice at home or, even better, you can join a class which is an amazing experience and one that I do every week. It’s a very personal experience and it is a great way to care for yourself.

2. Yoga Nidra


I am lucky enough to attend a class that ends with half an hour of Yoga Nidra, after an hour of yoga. It is like nothing else. Yoga Nidra means yogic sleep and it is said that one hour of it is the equivalent of 4 hours sleep. So as you can imagine, it’s very calming and there hasn’t been a time where I haven’t felt super relaxed lying on the floor in a room of people. There are many stages – preparation, positive affirmation, rotation of consciousness, breath awareness, opposite feelings an sensations, visualisation, sankalpa and ending the practice. I like all the stages but my favourites are rotation, where parts of the body are spoken and as you are made aware of that part it becomes tingly and relaxed, and visualisation, where my mind will become creative to whatever is being spoken about. I often add things in and it is a really special experience. I will sometimes use a Yoga Nidra app or play a Youtube video as I am lying in bed before going to sleep. If you have trouble sleeping this will help. I wish I had known about it sooner.

3. Candlelit Bath With Essential Oils


A warm bath with a nice blend of essential oils is so nice in the winter. Play some soothing music or read a book and relax. Make the most of the dark evenings by turning off the harsh light and put some candles on. Having that time to yourself is lovely.

4. Get Cosy


Wear your comfiest pyjamas, get a blanket on the sofa and watch a good Christmas movie. Better yet, switch the heated blanket on in the bed (go buy one– you’ll thank me later), turn the lights out and watch a Christmas movie! This is the best time of year to do this so get cosy and enjoy.


One thought on “Eighth Day Of Blogmas // How To Relax During Busy Times

  1. Definitely like what you have here,
    Along the lines of
    that I wrote a while back, focusing on getting into a stress relieving routine.

    Keep it up!


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