Seventh Day Of Blogmas // Top Five Things I Love About Christmas

I love making lists, especially ones about my favourite things, so I have decided to come up with my favourite things about Christmas. However, I am terrible about putting things in order of absolute best to great to really good so this list in in no particular order. I’m pretty bad at choosing things and making decisions unless they are impulsive so I am going to grab the first things that come to mind that I love about Christmas.

1) Christmas Movies


Arthur Christmas, Olive The Other Reindeer, Mrs Miracle, Home Alone, The Nightmare Before Christmas and all the rest – I love them all. Christmas movies put me in the Christmas spirit are always light hearted with a good message. I cannot go through December without watching several of these heart warming movies.

2) Having Time Off


The holidays are a time when all responsibility goes out of the window. I’m working most of the Christmas period but when I do have the time off I use it as a complete break from thinking about work and all the tough things in life and appreciate what I do have. I also usually get to finish a little earlier at work too!

3) Lights


I love lights because there are so many variations and you can be creative with them to bring about a certain atmosphere. I hate those bright flourescent lights that you get in supermarkets and at work. They dry my eyes and I get that feeling like when the flash goes off and your eyes have been stung by it, without the after effects where you can’t focus on anything for a few seconds. In our house we have coloured lights on the tree and flashing white lights in the window. I love seeing all the houses lit up when I’m driving home at night. It’s magical.

4) Joy


Most people around me feel happy about Christmas. I do, Carl does, my colleagues do, as we get to leave a little earlier, and most of my family do. I just love it when others are happy because I find it infectious so let’s all go be happy and we will make the world a better place 😀

5) Sharing Love By Giving And Receiving


Christmas can be seen as a time for greed but receiving presents goes way deeper for me than materialism. By giving someone a gift you are showing them that you care and you want them to feel special and loved. A well picked out gift shows that you value a person enough to have spent time thinking and deciding what to get and you have spent money on it that you have worked for. There are alternatives to presents such as donating to charity, helping out with something, spending time doing something together that the other person enjoys, writing a letter or a poem and so many more ways you can give this Christmas. If you give you will always receive and it feels so good!

So, that’s it for today! What are your favourite things about Christmas? Are they the same as mine? See you tomorrow for day eight x


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