Sixth Day Of Blogmas // Nostalgic Toys From Christmas Past

I have been thinking about all the things I got and loved at Christmas. Just thinking about them brings back so many memories. I am going to share some of the ones that I remember and loved.

Talk Girl


There was also a Talk Boy version. My cousin had one and I really wanted one so I could record things – any things! The microphone broke not long after though but I could still play cassette tapes on it.

Daphne And Celeste Tape


This is so cringey! I used to love Ooh Stick You (you’re mamma too, and you’re daddy) U.G.L.Y (you ain’t got no alibi, you’re ugly). My cousin and I used to make up dances to them and perform them in front of the family on Friday nights. We’d also act out scenes and my Mum would do a raffle. I miss those times!

Kelly In A High Chair


Wow, I seriously can’t believe that I thought that this doll was called Shelley! It’s Kelly, Barbie’s little sister! Well, I loved this little doll as I thought she was so cute and you could move the switch on her back and she would move her little arm up and it would look like she was drinking. However, I now am going to reveal a dark secret of mine. One time she was very naughty and I cut off her two of her fingers. I hope I can trust you with this information and that you know that I have grown up to be a very caring person who would never cut off anyone’s fingers!



My childhood was seriously made when I got one of these. Even though it was a cheaper version I still loved it. I remember a friend bringing one to my birthday party and she left it at my house so I had to take it to school the next day. I put it in her tray in the classroom and it kept beeping because it was hungry!

Hair Braider


I sucked at using this thing but braided hair was so cool and I liked to mess about with it. Those clip beads were awesome too!

Dear Diary


This little organiser was amazing and to think that my phone pretty much does all of this now. The secrets and favourites sections were my favourite and I loved that you could put a password in it to stop family members from snooping.

Love2Love Bear


I had the peach one and was eyeing it up in Woolies for a fair while before I got it. It smelled amazing, it’s nose would light up, it would suck on it’s bottle and tell you that it loves you. Awhh!

Oh the nostalgia! I’m surprised that most of what I can remember are ‘girly’ things.

I’ll see you tomorrow for another instalment. x


2 thoughts on “Sixth Day Of Blogmas // Nostalgic Toys From Christmas Past

  1. This is amazing! Brings back so many old memories haha. Woolworths was my fave shop as a littlen. I had like a million tamagotchis too and I had a kind of Love2Love bear except mine were little human versions. I was o b s e s s e d with the hair braider and my little dear diary thing! I took it everywhere with me. Such a cute post. Where has the time gone?! x

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