Fifth Day Of Blogmas // 12 Facts About Me: Xmas Style

I thought it would be fun for me to come up a few facts about myself and hopefully you will find them interesting to read.

  1. Carl and I opened our presents on the morning of Christmas Day 2015, threw the paper all on the floor and then Carl went back to bed and I slumped on the sofa as we had the flu and were very ill. Carl sleeps a lot when he is ill whereas I struggle to sleep.
  2. If I receive anything wearable for Christmas, I have to wear it that day.
  3. I have been known to cry when reading the contents of a card or a gift.
  4. I appreciate the presents I receive but if it’s something special and suited to me it makes me feel warm on the inside like this person actually has put effort into knowing me and thinking about what to get me because they care.
  5. Most of the time, I eat chocolate for breakfast on Christmas Day.
  6. I really like wrapping presents really nice with tissue paper, ribbons, washi tape etc.
  7. This year is my first vegan Christmas (was a veggie before that).
  8. I always enjoy a Christmas bath – a bath on Christmas Day with new products!
  9. I hate those hats that you get in a cracker but I always feel obligated to wear them.
  10. Many people say that they don’t like the build up to Christmas because it’s all for one day but I love the build up. It’s not a big hype for one day as it’s the Christmas season and I enjoy it all.
  11. Christmas movies are one of my favourite things about Christmas. Heartwarming films with plenty of happiness and love!
  12. As a kid I’d often spend more time playing with my sister and her toys rather than my own presents. She got some really cool stuff that I was too old for.

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