Third Day Of Blogmas // Christmas Tag


So it’s 2nd December and I’ve decided to do the Christmas tag. Thanks to Alicia for tagging me! She is also doing blogmas so you should definitely check out her blog. Let’s jump right in.

  1. When do you put your Christmas tree up? Take it down? 1st December this year! Why not make the most of it? I would like to keep it up until New  Years Day but often it gets left up until 6th January as I’m too lazy to take it down.
  2.  What is your tree topper? Currently a very little Santa with a silver coat and hat. He’s really cute!
  3. Is your tree real or synthetic? Synthetic. I’d like a real tree but I’ve never had one and Carl says that pine needles fall off and we wouldn’t want our little dog Jasper standing on them but it’s okay because we get to have a thin ‘pencil’ tree that fits perfectly as we have very little space.
  4. Favorite Christmas Scent? Er none! Sorry but I don’t really like any of them and by them I mean the Christmas candle scents that all the shops have this time of year. I do like cinnamon but the real ground up powder type that I sprinkle on bananas but that’s not very Christmas-y! Oh hang on, I did smell one I did not mind today and that was a fir tree scent. Still, it was artificial.
  5. Can you name all of Santa’s Reindeer? Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Cupid, Comet, Blitzen and Rudolph. Am I missing any? There’s this Christmas movie (hey – why isn’t there a Christmas movie question?!) that is this little dog called Olive *spoiler alert* that believes she is one of Santa’s reindeer and kind of becomes one and she’s got this little penguin friend. It’s called Olive The Other Reindeer (get it?) and it’s so cute and one of my favourite Christmas movies and it’s the cutest story about dreams and beliefs. Okay that question got a bit sidetracked and it does have some relevancy…
  6. When did you stop believing in Christmas? What do you mean stop believing in Christmas? What is this nonsense? Magic is real. Who wrote these questions anyway?! This is my first vegan Christmas so there’s extra magic available to me.
  7. White lights or colored lights? We have coloured on the tree and are going to be putting up white lights in the window. I’m the type of person who has trouble making decisions.
  8. Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Morning? Morning. When I was a kid Mum would let us have one the night before which got us all excited for the rest of them but now I just wait until the morning. I’m a grown up now you see and have mastered patience (just don’t ask anyone who knows me if I’m patient).
  9. Have you ever had a white Christmas? Yeah I think there was a little bit of snow one time when I was a kid but I don’t remember it well.
  10. Are your wrapping skills pinterest worthy or “Let’s use a giftbag” worthy? Well I’m not super neat but I like using gift bags, stickers, ribbons, washi tape etc to make them look really pretty and original. I also use tissue paper to wrap them rather than traditional paper.
  11. All time favorite Christmas Song? I’m not a fan of Christmas songs really. I’m more the Lane-Kim-from-Gilmore-Girls type of music fan but if I had to pick one I’d say that one by  The Pogues but then it’s a push to say that I like that song. I like that song as much as I like Oasis. There was that one on the radio a couple of days ago which sounded okay but I have no idea what it was called and I spent a good few minutes trying to find it online.
  12. Have you ever made a snowman? Yeah of course! We had a really good couple of snow days (quite) a few years ago and my sister and I made one in our front garden. However, our neighbour kicked it down. We lived in the ghetto, you see, and this incident was about a 4 on a scale of 1-climbing over our fence to 10-throwing dead goldfish at our clothes on the washing line. I mean the snowman would have had a life expectancy of 4-5 days but it lasted a measly afternoon. Poor cold lifeless chap. We had high hopes for him being the centre piece for cult witchery dances.

I tag the following people. Feel free to do the tag or not. I promise won’t be mad.

katipereira18 –

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Maya –


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