Second Day Of Blogmas // New Clothes!

Hi all and welcome to the second instalment of the month. Today has been interesting. I worked 11-7 as overtime (I normally do 7-7) and it’s been a breeze in comparison. I had a really relaxed morning. I stayed in bed until 8am , watched 2 episodes of the Gilmore Girls, showered and listened to music.

At 10am the doorbell rang and a parcel was delivered to me. However, it was not a parcel that I was expecting. It was from Select. I wondered if my sister had gotten something delivered to my house. I opened it and saw a bunch of things and wondered if I had placed an order and forgotten about it. But no I definitely hadn’t. I text my sister and it turns out she had bought me a few things! I almost cried I was so grateful!

Here are the things she got me.

This shirt and these purple high waisted skinny jeans, which are my favourite type of jeans! I decided to wear my Led Zeppelin top with them and it gives it a grungy feel.

Along with that came a black long sleeved top, some cool socks and a chocker, which is my absolute favourite type of necklace.

It all makes an entire outfit. Aren’t I lucky?!

My day at work was somewhat enjoyable for once. I was in my favourite area and I had to speak to the health and safety auditor as I am the health and safety rep and I always get really worried about these sorts of things but they usually seem to go really well for me!

In the work canteen before I started

Today’s advent chocolate was a little strange. I couldn’t figure out what it was meant to be but I think it’s a monkey.

One final photo. Here’s me by the tree.

I’ve just been to pick up my sister from the train station and I’m about to dig in to that mac and ‘cheese’ I’ve been wanting all week.

Thanks for reading X

PS There is snow on my website!


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