First Day Of Blogmas // Vegan Advent Calendar!

Hi guys! Happy Christmas month! I am very excited to announce that I have spontaneously decided to do blog Blogmas. As in, I literally just decided that I wanted to do it after no thought at all! I am a very spontaneous person, although I do appreciate planning and organisation.

I’m just going to write about anything I want to each day! About what’s going on with me, self improvement,the world, the animals, what’s on my mind and of course each one is going to somehow mention Christmas. So expect a random assortment of posts!

So let’s get on with today’s post!

This morning I got up early to start work for 7 am and I had to de-ice my car! Whilst I was waiting for the condensation to be blown off my windscreen, I heard on the radio that it was the first of December and I realised that I hadn’t started my advent calendar! On the way to work I heard a Christmas song being played and it wasn’t a really bad one either like most of them are. It was one from Home Alone 2 I think they said. I’ve been listening to BBC Radio 2 recently and I must say I have been really enjoying it. They play all different kinds of music and the presenters are somewhat comedic and talk about interesting things. Unlike Radio 1, which I really don’t like.

I have pretty mixed feelings about Christmas. I feel like I have multiple parts of myself that have opposing views. I don’t like commercialism and greed that it represents but I do like giving and receiving presents. Does that even make sense to anyone else? I hate that millions of turkeys will be slaughtered just for one day and I’m not forgetting the other animals. I hate that as a kid you got two weeks off school but at work I get one lousy day.

There are many things that I love about it though. The excitement, the wrapping, the lights and not to mention the movies. There are some really great Christmas movies. I also love that I get to spend the whole day with my partner and my dog and we can do our own thing. I love taking the dog out for a walk when no one is around and those that say Merry Christmas to me. I love the morning when I first wake up and actually want to get out of bed. There’s so much to like.

After my parents split up, I didn’t have so many great Christmas days like you’re meant to. Once my mother’s abusive boyfriend had drank too much the night before. We were sat in the living room opening our gifts when suddenly out of the window we witnessed vomit raining down from the room above. The last Christmas I spent at my mother’s house was when I first moved out 5 years ago. She was so drunk just after lunch she couldn’t talk. No surprise I haven’t been back since and it’s no surprise that I have had such a negative attitude to Christmas in the past.

So I’m home (I was writing the above on my break at work) and I’m disappointed that the nutritional yeast that I ordered off Amazon hasn’t come yet as I am craving mac and ‘cheese’ so bad.

Not to worry as I get to eat my advent calendar chocolate! My partner bought this vegan calendar for me and it made me super happy as I didn’t think I’d get one. I had a huge nostalgic feeling when I opened up the first window.

I must go now. I have decorations to put up! Hope you all had a good first of December.

5 thoughts on “First Day Of Blogmas // Vegan Advent Calendar!

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  2. I hate the commercialism too! And all the turkeys dying! I had to skip thanksgiving dinner with my family and instead, I walked their dog. I just couldn’t do it! And yes, about the one lousy day off!!! I’m sorry to hear about your past Christmases…..we had a bad one where my father and brother were fighting, and the whole Christmas eve sucked, like crazy. It was soo sad. Another Christmas, my dad had too much to drink and was putting a decoration on the tree from a chair and fell into the tree and down they went. That sucked too! Then my parents got divorced and that sucked even more…. those christmases were sad, but now we must re-create our christmas memories as good, beautiful, fun, loving. We must surround ourselves with positive and supportive people…… Hugs, kt

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