Big News


I am writing an ebook!

This is something that I have wanted to do for a while. I have been on my own journey with self love and it’s so incredible I want to share it so much with everyone! I have learned so much from gurus, YouTubers, bloggers and myself. I will be sharing little snippets and helpful tips as I do.

As I started writing about this topic, I began to think deeper about it and lots of things have come up for me that I have been able to deal with. I have a lot more compassion for myself. The first major step for me recently was coming off birth control even though I knew I’d have to deal with severe pain. I believed I was taking control of myself by being on the pill when in actual fact I was doing the opposite. Not only has this made me happier, it has kickstarted this whole new way of looking at things.

I have no time scales as of yet. More things keep coming up along the way that I have to add. I’d also like to experience that I want to write in it as I will not put in anything that I do not 100% agree with. The book will be based on my own personal experiences. I understand that everyone is different and everyone’s on a different path and wish to incorporate this by giving out a lot of different methods, including workbook style exercises.

The other day I was thinking about my blog and how much I have really enjoyed creating it. To me it is easy to put words together and I feel as though I put little effort into my posts and people still read them! So I was imagining how much fun and rewarding it would be to put more effort into something that I am really passionate about. That is what I enjoy about writing. The passion that goes into it to create a final piece to share for others to benefit from.

Stay tuned. x


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