Blog Is One Year Old // Giveaway!!


I originally made this blog for me, not for you, but as time went on I began to realise that people were reading my content. I started gaining followers and that made me incredibly happy. So now a year has gone by and there are 100 of you. After thinking that no one ever would want to read what I had to say, the people reading my blog have given me a confidence boost!

To give back to you lovely people I am offering a free giveaway. Eat Smart by Niomi Smart is an all vegan, gluten free, whole foods cookbook. There are some amazing recipes in there. I particularly like the desserts ones! I will ship to any country so anyone is able to enter.

To be in with a chance of winning you must:

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  • Comment down below once you have done this
  • Please include your Instagram account (or email address if you don’t have one) so I can contact you if you have won

The closing date is Friday 4th November 2016 at midnight (GMT) and I will be announcing a winner on Saturday 5th November. I will announce it in the comments section and I will also contact you on this day.

Thank you everyone! Good luck!

Disclaimer: The winner will be picked by an online random number generator (1 being the first comment. 2 being the second)


5 Favourite Essential Vegan Products


I’ve been a vegan for 8 months now. During this time I have discovered several products that have made going vegan easier and I never knew that some of them existed before. If you’ve been vegan for a considerable amount of time you have probably heard of them but maybe you haven’t so here goes.

1. Nutritional Yeast With Added B12

I discovered this when I was looking for an alternative to my favourite comfort food, mac ‘n’ cheese. The recipe required this substance that you couldn’t buy in the supermarket but yet it wasn’t expensive. I opted for the added B12 because why not have the added nutrition. It’s also got a ton of other nutrients and minerals and even has some protein, if that’s something that you’re into. There’s no nasties or preservatives in it either. It’s just deactivated yeast. I go crazy with this stuff. It tastes incredible. It has a nutty cheesy taste that somehow does not taste anything else I’ve ever eaten. I add it to my gluten free pasta, rice noodles, sauces, vegetable dishes and even mix it in with basmati rice. Yes, you heard me correctly. At first it tasted kind of weird but then I began to crave it and voila a new dish was discovered! It’s so versatile. You can buy it for £3-4 in health shops but I prefer to buy in on Amazon. If you click here you can get 3 packs for £8.85, which is a bargain and will last you ages, unless you go crazy like I do. I went through 2 packs in one week. I need to slow down.

2. Patches

No, we aren’t trying to beat an addiction. I’m talking about vitamin patches. I use a B12 one and a vitamin D one. You pop it on your skin for 24 hours once a month and it gets absorbed right into your bloodstream. I’ve looked them up an they are the real deal. There’s no need to remember to take a pill every morning and I believe that patches are safer as they don’t go through your digestive system and it’s purely the vitamin that enters your blood and not some binders or preservatives. Vitamin pills also seem to have an effect on my bladder causing pain and irritation so I prefer to stay clear of them. The other alternative is a spray or a shot but the patches seem to be working great for me and my energy has definitely been boosted. Click here to see the B12 patches which currently have 50% off although Amazon do have them as an add on item for a much cheaper cost, and click here for the vitamin D patches.

3. Acai Powder

OK, so I made have lied but now I am admitting to the lie so please forgive me! This isn’t an essential product by all means. However, it is a favourite and it will change your life. I wouldn’t save every vegan was big on smoothies or smoothie bowls but this one is. I was recommended this powder by a friend. It’s just freeze dried acai berries ground up into a powder. The flavour is wonderful. When I have some in the house, I put it into ever single smoothie I make because it is just too hard to resist. Plus it’s guilt free ,and I’m talking about your health not your bank account, as it’s packed full of antioxidants and nutrients. I must warn you, once you buy this you will fall in love. In the sweetest, most berrylicious love of your life. Click here to see what I am talking about. 100g for £6.89.

4. Angels On Bare Skin – Lush

When I made the switch, and used up the beauty products I had, I struggled to find alternatives. I’d have to search everything online. I bought Original Source shower gel, at £1 when it’s on offer you can’t go wrong but other than that I struggled. Lush made everything easier. I knew that it was all cruelty free so when I was out I didn’t have to Google every brand to see if they tested on animals or contained animal products. I knew that most of it was vegan and everything is labelled so anyway. Lush isn’t just a shop that sells bath bombs that stick out the whole shopping centre. They do a whole beauty range that includes everything you will need from shampoo to cosmetics. They truly are an amazing company. Most of their products are made from natural ingredients and safe synthetics. Angels On Bare Skin is their cleanser that I use on my face. It’s exfoliating and smells lovely. However, they have so many wonderful products that I’d recommend to anyone.

5. Booja Booja Truffles

No matter what anyone says, chocolate is essential and these truffles are the best things I have ever tasted. Ever. I warn you that they are a little pricey for the amount you get so maybe just get them for a special treat or ask someone to get them for you for Christmas. No words describe how soft, creamy and chocolatey they are. Hazelnut crunch are the best (click here) with almond and sea salt caramel coming in at a close second (click here). Please I am begging you to not go your whole life without trying these!

What are the vegan products that you would not want to live without?


Does Pure Happiness Exist?


This photo probably doesn’t mean anything to you. In fact you probably find it not to great to look at. However, to me, this is a moment of pure bliss. I was sat out in my car, at the side of the road, facing a field of flowers. I was really happy. I love these moments.

Why was I happy? I was accepting that moment at that time. I wasn’t judging who I was or what I have or have not done. I was enjoying the sun setting on an early Autumn’s afternoon. I was in no rush and had no agenda. I was just being.

Nature has this special way of making everything OK for me. It takes me away from everything and brings me to the now.

I opened the window and stuck my head out of it, put my feet up on the other seat and looked at the sky. It was such an amazing moment that I felt the need to take this photo.

Taking a photo doesn’t ruin a moment. Sometimes you just don’t want to forget a wonderful experience. When I look at this photo I feel the same feelings inside that I did that day. I can see that it is achievable. I can remember telling myself that life is beautiful.

To feel like this, I had to accept the bad along with the good.  I had to experience the bad in order to feel the peace in this moment and I had to be okay with that.

Be yourself


Big News


I am writing an ebook!

This is something that I have wanted to do for a while. I have been on my own journey with self love and it’s so incredible I want to share it so much with everyone! I have learned so much from gurus, YouTubers, bloggers and myself. I will be sharing little snippets and helpful tips as I do.

As I started writing about this topic, I began to think deeper about it and lots of things have come up for me that I have been able to deal with. I have a lot more compassion for myself. The first major step for me recently was coming off birth control even though I knew I’d have to deal with severe pain. I believed I was taking control of myself by being on the pill when in actual fact I was doing the opposite. Not only has this made me happier, it has kickstarted this whole new way of looking at things.

I have no time scales as of yet. More things keep coming up along the way that I have to add. I’d also like to experience that I want to write in it as I will not put in anything that I do not 100% agree with. The book will be based on my own personal experiences. I understand that everyone is different and everyone’s on a different path and wish to incorporate this by giving out a lot of different methods, including workbook style exercises.

The other day I was thinking about my blog and how much I have really enjoyed creating it. To me it is easy to put words together and I feel as though I put little effort into my posts and people still read them! So I was imagining how much fun and rewarding it would be to put more effort into something that I am really passionate about. That is what I enjoy about writing. The passion that goes into it to create a final piece to share for others to benefit from.

Stay tuned. x


You Are Never Alone // Self Love


When you begin a healing journey, it’s generally because you are in some kind of mental discomfort. You don’t accept yourself or you don’t like who you are or you have many issues that you want gone.

I never expected it to feel like this.

I am never alone because I will always have myself. I am always here. 

When I am triggered by something I link it back to when I last felt it and other occasions pop up. I work through them and try to figure out why I felt like that. Ultimately, I comfort myself in the way I’d want someone else to back then. However, it’s myself so it’s more meaningful and more important that it is me doing the comforting. By doing this I am healing my inner child. I am accepting the feelings back then so when I am triggered again the negative feelings don’t come back. The feelings that I have accepted myself do.

Let me give you an example (not a personal experience).

You are watching a movie. You see someone slap someone else and it triggers a negative feeling in you. Whatever this feeling may be, it links back to a feeling you had a few weeks ago when you felt like slapping someone and you thought about how good it would feel but you know it’s wrong. Then you link it back several times until you think of your earliest memory of that feeling. Perhaps you hit someone. Perhaps it was an animal. You released your frustration out and expressed it in this violent way. Maybe you are feeling bad about it because it made you feel powerful and it shouldn’t have done. Maybe your mother had a go at you and it just made you even more mad. Maybe you had suppressed some emotions and it had exploded out of you in that way. Now look back and feel that emotion. Journal about it. Talk to someone about it. Meditate on it. Go back to that situation and accept that emotion. Accept that you were feeling that way because of whatever reason you were feeling like that. Go up to yourself and talk about it. Do whatever you need to be OK with it.  Move forward.

You are never alone because you will always have yourself.