VEGAN: Sadness, Hypocrisy, Frustration


Everyone online seems to be making jokes out of it. Like killing animals is laughable. It’s all okay because we NEED to eat meat, they say. That killing another being that shows the same basic emotions as us is essential for us to live, and it’s funny.

Being around non vegans is hard because you know that most think that you are extreme. That your ‘beliefs’ as they call it, are ridiculous, pointless, silly, unhealthy and based on stupid emotions. That it’s nice that you’ve taken an interest in animal rights but it’s a ridiculous notion and not right for them, as they tell you they could never give up cheese or bacon. People hate change. When all you see is death and suffering but it’s OK to everyone else because it’s behind closed doors and animals don’t really have feelings. Yet many people who eat meat think abortion is wrong, or at least they would never abort a foetus when it has no feelings at all.

So why is it inhumane to have a puppy castrated without anaesthetic but for a piglet it’s fine? Or why is the Chinese dog festival awful and disgusting when those animals are bred for meat, just like pigs and cows? Or why is it wrong to wear fur but not leather, when the cows suffer just as much if not more? The UK sources a lot of it’s leather from countries where the animals have little to no human rights. A holocaust is defined as destruction or slaughter on a mass scale but non vegans will get offended when you say that the mass slaughter of defenceless animals that happens in every second of everyday is OK because of some excuse that makes their life way more important than an animals, even though we are just another species living on this Earth.

So not only do you feel alone, isolated and sad, you also often lose hope for humanity. That’s how I feel anyway. Online I can see so many people doing the right thing. But in reality I see humans causing pain and suffering of animals that ‘don’t matter’ because they were bred to be used by humans. Humans run their lives and the animals have no control. No free will. But they’re just animals, right? That’s how people looked at slavery, and black people not that long ago and we are doing the same to animals who just happen to be different from us.

Yes, we are more intelligent than animals and have a higher understanding of everything so we should realise that we have the ability to see passed the surface.

I don’t think that anyone around me feels like this and so I question whether I am the one who is wrong? But nothing inside of me convinces me that I am wrong. So I question if there is something wrong with me? Should I be like other humans who think that they are better and more important than other species when humans are the only species to cause so much destruction to our planet?

What is wrong with me? Or, what is wrong with everyone else?



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