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Vegans vs Omnivores // Emotions vs Logic?

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Vegans vs omnivores is not emotions vs logic. Or vice versa. Veganism is logical and here’s why. Animals are suffering. Fact. This isn’t necessary. Fact. So what can we do about it? Become a vegan. That is logical.

Veganism is also about compassion. Animals are suffering and vegans put themselves in their shoes to realise that it is wrong.

Vegans often see the world differently to omnivores – deeper and past societal norms.

Vegans are more empathetic. They don’t understand when people are shown the reality of animal agriculture that they don’t care enough. They don’t understand why they still want to contribute to suffering. Why they views animals lives below humans. Why they only care about keeping themselves alive. Sometimes vegans let these opinions slip out as they are so passionate about the cause. Sometimes it comes out wrong and then all vegans get a bad name. Vegans care about humans too.

Vegans wish they could do more for the world but most bottle their views up as most other humans think that they are extreme. That it is not logical to give a fuck. So they don’t say a word for fear of isolation. But they understand that they have all been brainwashed by society. By the media, hateful others and their families that think that it is bad for you to give up animal products. But they are just the way they are and you are just the way you are – except one of you is ignorant.

But then they get emotional because the world could be helped so much. That less animals would have to suffer, climate change would get better, there would be more resources, more food and less pain and sickness for humanity. So why isn’t the world listening to the emotional and logical side?

Omnivores think it’s illogical emotional bullshit. They think that vegans are self righteous for giving a damn about the world. A few are dicks just as a few omnivores are dicks. But most are kind and polite and have to listen to the hatred that others spew. That veganism is wrong but it’s fine to have others kill meat for you, to have others to take the babies away from their mothers and keep them constantly pregnant until they will be slaughtered so you can keep consuming milk and have others kill one day old male chicks just so you can have a fatty greasy oily fried egg on your toast in the morning. As it’s OK to do this as it’s the circle of life. But vegans think that humans are intelligent and have the capacity for compassion and that is the difference here.

In this world, you are free to give a damn about whatever you want. You don’t have to care about the damage you are doing to this Earth. But you should. Your children’s children’s children might be suffering in the world you helped to destroy. You can stop this. Just look at things differently and stop thinking that veganism is illogical.

As a human being, you have the ability to recognise suffering and do something about it.


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