Veganism Is Rebellion


I’ve seen this being talked about on Youtube and social media. It might sound odd to others but to me it makes perfect sense.

We are all tied down by society. Everything we do, from the way we act to the things we buy, is drilled into us by society. The media and news, family, friends and tradition among other things drive the way we behave. There are so many things that I do because society tells me to. I wear makeup, eat 3 meals a day and celebrate my birthday but I don’t need to do these things.

Marriage is one example of something purely created by society. When it was first created, it was about creating alliances between families and the youngsters had no say in the matter. It was not about love. As time passed, it’s value and meaning changed. Society changed it. It is not a natural thing to get married but most people do want to get married. Yet many don’t and are content with just living with their partner as they do not see the point in it. These people are probably asked frequently when they are going to get married and why don’t they want to. These people are often not seen as normal in society’s eyes.

People have been eatingΒ animal products for a long time. Therefore, to go against this is to go against societal norms. It is considered normal to eat animal products but not normal to eat a plant based diet. Most people who are vegan were not born into it. Most came from families that ate animal products and brought their children up to eat them and to believe that they are suppose to be eating them. Once upon a time, my eyes were opened up to what was really going on. In my opinion, there are no benefits from buying or eating animal products. Animals, our planet and ourselves suffer and as a result of eating what is considered normal by society. Once I found out the truth, I had to stop eating them. If society wants to go ahead and say that killing animals for food is OK then I do not want to be a part of society. I was so mad with society that I decided to look at even more ways to ‘rebel.’

So join me. Let’s all rebel against the unethical race that we are part of. Society can and will change if enough people are willing to stand up for what is right.

31 thoughts on “Veganism Is Rebellion

  1. Very nice post. Well said πŸ™‚ I totally agree. And once you’ve realised that you don’t have to do those things you can actually start to do what you love, what you believe in and also what does not harm the ones around you 😊

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  2. oh, I loved reading this post….thank you very much! You are so right! Humans, in general, I think, suck…. humans are a greedy, selfish and exploiting race! It’s so sad! On my car, I have a decal, that I still want to post about…..”Why love one, but eat the other” with great pictures of a dog and a pig, and on the other side, another decal, same words, but with a dog and cow! The hardest part right now for me is seeing other family members eat meat and dairy! Yuck! poor animals! I will fight hard for the animals, for our earth and for our health, forever….there is no going back!

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    1. Yes they do! I try to see the good in people but going vegan has made me view the world differently. I need to get some of those decals! It makes no sense 😦 Yeah same. Some people in my family say to me, ‘Are you still on your diet?’ They actually think that I am doing it to lose weight and be healthy! That’s just one benefit of it. I am constantly seeing others eating meat around me and it’s just a constant reminder of why I don’t.

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  3. In Philosophy, I learned that it’s not good to just simply accept what is around you and claim it’s “tradition”. You need to question everything, otherwise there will be no progression in society. πŸ™‚

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  4. After reading this post you may be interested in my latest post regarding why everyone who cares about animals at all is obliged to be vegan. It largely relies on the same logic as yours regarding societal indoctrination.

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  5. Veganism is indeed a rebellion against societal norms, and one that should be wholeheartedly supported. From an anthropological perspective it is easy to see why people lack the will to change, but as members of an increasingly progressive and emotionally intelligent species we must all become able to change. These changes are absolutely necessary to ensure a sustainable future for both humans and non-human animals and to pave the way for new wave ethics that the human race has to adopt. One day we will look back at carnism as we do now on slavery, and the vegans of today will be remembered as the salvation of what little is left of our humanity. Great post, thank you for sharing πŸ˜€

    Visit me at if you want to share ideas etc. πŸ™‚

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  6. I completely agree and it’s clear that cultural norms are conditioned from birth, otherwise different cultures wouldn’t have such ‘intrinsic’ views on which animal are considered acceptable to eat ie pigs but not dogs and cows but not horses for most people in the the west. This must be the reason why there can be so much negativity about veganism from many people. Come on people, dare to be different!

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