How I Organise My Kindle Paperwhite



I am really interested to know how others organise their books on their kindle. I love the collections part of it as I love having everything organised. I don’t want my finished books in the same area as my unfinished ones nor do I want to delete them.

My Kindle story began a few years ago when a friend bought one for himself and then his parents bought him one for Christmas. He sold one to me at a discounted price. That was not long after they had been released. I loved it very much. I had the same collections then as I did now. As much as I like reading books, and still do, I love having everything in one place, with me at all times, with whatever sized font I like and organised how I want. There are lots of other things I love about it too. After a while I stopped reading it as much. I didn’t have enough time and I had many other physical books to read first. I eventually sold my Kindle as it was just sitting in a drawer. I regretted it soon after. Carl bought me one for Christmas a couple of years ago. I told him that I really wanted the Paperwhite. A back light and a whiter screen was what my other Kindle was missing.


The case is pretty awesome because not only is it nice to look at and feel, it is also hard wearing and when you open it the Kindle automatically turns on. It also automatically puts it on standby when you close it. I got it off Amazon and I can link it below in case you are interested. I highly recommend it. It is not expensive at all and is way better than the leather ones that Amazon produce.

That’s enough of that. Now let’s look at how I organise it.


There are eight categories. The ones on page two are Carl’s. There’s not much to say about this it’s pretty self explanatory. The S206 category is some PDFs from my Open University Course. Once I have finished a book I just move it into the finished category. It’s such an easy and simple way of organising. I didn’t want to do it by genre just because there would be way too many but I bet some people do like to do that.


I really enjoy reading non-fiction books a lot too and I’ve recently been reading more of them than fiction.


I have such a random taste in books – I like a lot of variety.

How do you arrange your Kindle books?


Kindle Paperwhite: Click here

Kindle Case: Click here


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