10 Reasons Why I Love Cycling (And You Should Too)


1. My bike is so nice. I picked a road bike that I like the look of because that just means that I will want to ride it more. I place it in the porch so I see it every day I come in and out of the house. It makes me want to ride it more. It’s lightweight and can be lifted so easily and it also means it picks up speed quickly and I can move around on it more. The handlebars allow me to put my hands in several locations and, well, it’s just an all round awesome bike.

2. The sound of the tyres on the road.

3. It’s not just about exercise. Yeah exercise is important but it’s not the only reason I cycle. It’s not what I focus on when I think about cycling and when I am cycling. I am thinking about how much fun it is and my surroundings. I don’t even feel like I’m exercising – it’s low impact, the air keeps me cooler and I don’t dread doing it.


4. I love being outdoors. Nature is beautiful. You can go for a walk to appreciate it but getting out on a bike is something else. You can go further, you can move faster and you can see more. Sometimes, I will take a couple of breaks and get out my camera and take some photos or shoot some video footage. It allows me to appreciate it more and it’s fun.

5. You get to see more of the world. The purpose of me driving my car is to get somewhere. I generally know where I am going and usually take the fastest route. When I am taking a walk with my dog, it’s usually just down the road and back. When I get on my bike I don’t usually plan where I am going, unless I am cycling to work. I just go and see where I feel like going that day. Often I take different roads and end up going somewhere I didn’t even know existed.

6. It’s a great way to spend time alone. Whilst it is great cycling with someone else, it’s also great to cycle alone. I’m an introvert so naturally I need to spend time alone and I enjoy it. After 2 x 12 hour shifts spent entirely around others, it’s nice to recharge my batteries doing something other than sitting at home.

7. I love how it makes me feel afterwards. For the entire day I feel more chilled, more focused, less sluggish and happier.


8. It brings me into the present. I think a lot. It’s not always a good thing. I often find myself ruminating, over thinking and thinking the worst. When I am cycling, the only thing I am thinking about is now and that is so important for happiness 🙂

9. It’s not a competition and I can do what I want. By this I mean I can go wherever I want and when I want. I can take breaks if I want to stay out longer or go further but struggle to keep going. I can peddle really fast in short bursts to burn off stress or to go faster as it’s fun or I can take it easy.

10. It brings more positivity into my life.

So go buy a bike and get cycling because it is a great way to improve your life!

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