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Vegans vs Omnivores // Emotions vs Logic?

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Vegans vs omnivores is not emotions vs logic. Or vice versa. Veganism is logical and here’s why. Animals are suffering. Fact. This isn’t necessary. Fact. So what can we do about it? Become a vegan. That is logical.

Veganism is also about compassion. Animals are suffering and vegans put themselves in their shoes to realise that it is wrong.

Vegans often see the world differently to omnivores – deeper and past societal norms.

Vegans are more empathetic. They don’t understand when people are shown the reality of animal agriculture that they don’t care enough. They don’t understand why they still want to contribute to suffering. Why they views animals lives below humans. Why they only care about keeping themselves alive. Sometimes vegans let these opinions slip out as they are so passionate about the cause. Sometimes it comes out wrong and then all vegans get a bad name. Vegans care about humans too.

Vegans wish they could do more for the world but most bottle their views up as most other humans think that they are extreme. That it is not logical to give a fuck. So they don’t say a word for fear of isolation. But they understand that they have all been brainwashed by society. By the media, hateful others and their families that think that it is bad for you to give up animal products. But they are just the way they are and you are just the way you are – except one of you is ignorant.

But then they get emotional because the world could be helped so much. That less animals would have to suffer, climate change would get better, there would be more resources, more food and less pain and sickness for humanity. So why isn’t the world listening to the emotional and logical side?

Omnivores think it’s illogical emotional bullshit. They think that vegans are self righteous for giving a damn about the world. A few are dicks just as a few omnivores are dicks. But most are kind and polite and have to listen to the hatred that others spew. That veganism is wrong but it’s fine to have others kill meat for you, to have others to take the babies away from their mothers and keep them constantly pregnant until they will be slaughtered so you can keep consuming milk and have others kill one day old male chicks just so you can have a fatty greasy oily fried egg on your toast in the morning. As it’s OK to do this as it’s the circle of life. But vegans think that humans are intelligent and have the capacity for compassion and that is the difference here.

In this world, you are free to give a damn about whatever you want. You don’t have to care about the damage you are doing to this Earth. But you should. Your children’s children’s children might be suffering in the world you helped to destroy. You can stop this. Just look at things differently and stop thinking that veganism is illogical.

As a human being, you have the ability to recognise suffering and do something about it.


Veganism Is Rebellion


I’ve seen this being talked about on Youtube and social media. It might sound odd to others but to me it makes perfect sense.

We are all tied down by society. Everything we do, from the way we act to the things we buy, is drilled into us by society. The media and news, family, friends and tradition among other things drive the way we behave. There are so many things that I do because society tells me to. I wear makeup, eat 3 meals a day and celebrate my birthday but I don’t need to do these things.

Marriage is one example of something purely created by society. When it was first created, it was about creating alliances between families and the youngsters had no say in the matter. It was not about love. As time passed, it’s value and meaning changed. Society changed it. It is not a natural thing to get married but most people do want to get married. Yet many don’t and are content with just living with their partner as they do not see the point in it. These people are probably asked frequently when they are going to get married and why don’t they want to. These people are often not seen as normal in society’s eyes.

People have been eating animal products for a long time. Therefore, to go against this is to go against societal norms. It is considered normal to eat animal products but not normal to eat a plant based diet. Most people who are vegan were not born into it. Most came from families that ate animal products and brought their children up to eat them and to believe that they are suppose to be eating them. Once upon a time, my eyes were opened up to what was really going on. In my opinion, there are no benefits from buying or eating animal products. Animals, our planet and ourselves suffer and as a result of eating what is considered normal by society. Once I found out the truth, I had to stop eating them. If society wants to go ahead and say that killing animals for food is OK then I do not want to be a part of society. I was so mad with society that I decided to look at even more ways to ‘rebel.’

So join me. Let’s all rebel against the unethical race that we are part of. Society can and will change if enough people are willing to stand up for what is right.

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Veganism Opened My Eyes To Different Ways Of Living


My life has changed dramatically since going vegan. Here’s a list of a few things that has happened since. I am certain that most of these things would not have happened if I hadn’t gone vegan.

  • Became healthier and made healthier food choices
  • Started craving ‘bad foods’ less frequently (really think this has something to do with eating more fruit and caring about what I eat more)
  • Realised the power of having less stuff (minimalism)
  • Became more appreciative of the things I do have
  • Became less likely to buy lots of stuff I don’t need
  • Found a form of exercise that I love (cycling)
  • Became more period positive (read Sweetening the Pill: or How We Got Hooked on Hormonal Birth Control look online for more info – you won’t regret it)
  • Became more productive
  • Cut out all pretty much the foods that give me acid reflux
  • Higher appreciation of all things natural

I am sure there are many more!

I am wanting to start making my own shampoo and other beauty products next.

Has anything like this happened to you? Any other things I could try out?

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Why Does Going Vegan Improve Your Life In Other Ways Too? Positive Feedback, Minimalism, Fitness


This is something that I have been thinking a lot about recently. There are other reasons why going vegans tend to do things a little differently than those who live a pretty standard lifetime, such as rebelling against society, but I’ll get into that another day. For now, here’s a little something I wrote about positive feedback.

I always thought you couldn’t be happy until everything was perfect with you.

I’ll be happy when I lose weight

I’ll be happy when I fix this pain

I’ll be happy when my period is finished

I’ll be happy when I go on holiday

I’ll be happy when this day is over

But the truth is in the way you think and act.

Once you begin taking positive steps in your life, the way you look at life changes. Things start to go really well. You have more gratitude. You are happier. You accept the bad and try to fix it with things like positive thoughts, healthy food and self love. Doing positive things leads to positivity which makes you want to do more positive things as they make you happy. This is called positive feedback.

Once you take the first step, you will unleash yourself into a new world. Your world is how you perceive it.


How I Organise My Kindle Paperwhite



I am really interested to know how others organise their books on their kindle. I love the collections part of it as I love having everything organised. I don’t want my finished books in the same area as my unfinished ones nor do I want to delete them.

My Kindle story began a few years ago when a friend bought one for himself and then his parents bought him one for Christmas. He sold one to me at a discounted price. That was not long after they had been released. I loved it very much. I had the same collections then as I did now. As much as I like reading books, and still do, I love having everything in one place, with me at all times, with whatever sized font I like and organised how I want. There are lots of other things I love about it too. After a while I stopped reading it as much. I didn’t have enough time and I had many other physical books to read first. I eventually sold my Kindle as it was just sitting in a drawer. I regretted it soon after. Carl bought me one for Christmas a couple of years ago. I told him that I really wanted the Paperwhite. A back light and a whiter screen was what my other Kindle was missing.


The case is pretty awesome because not only is it nice to look at and feel, it is also hard wearing and when you open it the Kindle automatically turns on. It also automatically puts it on standby when you close it. I got it off Amazon and I can link it below in case you are interested. I highly recommend it. It is not expensive at all and is way better than the leather ones that Amazon produce.

That’s enough of that. Now let’s look at how I organise it.


There are eight categories. The ones on page two are Carl’s. There’s not much to say about this it’s pretty self explanatory. The S206 category is some PDFs from my Open University Course. Once I have finished a book I just move it into the finished category. It’s such an easy and simple way of organising. I didn’t want to do it by genre just because there would be way too many but I bet some people do like to do that.


I really enjoy reading non-fiction books a lot too and I’ve recently been reading more of them than fiction.


I have such a random taste in books – I like a lot of variety.

How do you arrange your Kindle books?


Kindle Paperwhite: Click here

Kindle Case: Click here


10 Reasons Why I Love Cycling (And You Should Too)


1. My bike is so nice. I picked a road bike that I like the look of because that just means that I will want to ride it more. I place it in the porch so I see it every day I come in and out of the house. It makes me want to ride it more. It’s lightweight and can be lifted so easily and it also means it picks up speed quickly and I can move around on it more. The handlebars allow me to put my hands in several locations and, well, it’s just an all round awesome bike.

2. The sound of the tyres on the road.

3. It’s not just about exercise. Yeah exercise is important but it’s not the only reason I cycle. It’s not what I focus on when I think about cycling and when I am cycling. I am thinking about how much fun it is and my surroundings. I don’t even feel like I’m exercising – it’s low impact, the air keeps me cooler and I don’t dread doing it.


4. I love being outdoors. Nature is beautiful. You can go for a walk to appreciate it but getting out on a bike is something else. You can go further, you can move faster and you can see more. Sometimes, I will take a couple of breaks and get out my camera and take some photos or shoot some video footage. It allows me to appreciate it more and it’s fun.

5. You get to see more of the world. The purpose of me driving my car is to get somewhere. I generally know where I am going and usually take the fastest route. When I am taking a walk with my dog, it’s usually just down the road and back. When I get on my bike I don’t usually plan where I am going, unless I am cycling to work. I just go and see where I feel like going that day. Often I take different roads and end up going somewhere I didn’t even know existed.

6. It’s a great way to spend time alone. Whilst it is great cycling with someone else, it’s also great to cycle alone. I’m an introvert so naturally I need to spend time alone and I enjoy it. After 2 x 12 hour shifts spent entirely around others, it’s nice to recharge my batteries doing something other than sitting at home.

7. I love how it makes me feel afterwards. For the entire day I feel more chilled, more focused, less sluggish and happier.


8. It brings me into the present. I think a lot. It’s not always a good thing. I often find myself ruminating, over thinking and thinking the worst. When I am cycling, the only thing I am thinking about is now and that is so important for happiness 🙂

9. It’s not a competition and I can do what I want. By this I mean I can go wherever I want and when I want. I can take breaks if I want to stay out longer or go further but struggle to keep going. I can peddle really fast in short bursts to burn off stress or to go faster as it’s fun or I can take it easy.

10. It brings more positivity into my life.

So go buy a bike and get cycling because it is a great way to improve your life!