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Update // Not Doing Raw Till 4, Cycling And Living With Less

There’s a few things that I wanted to talk about so I am just going to combine them into one post!

Not Doing Raw Till 4

That’s right, I’m not doing it. I mean if that works for you then great! However, I found it really hard. I can eat a raw breakfast fine but when it comes to lunch I just couldn’t figure out what to take to work and I didn’t fancy anything sweet and so I slipped back into eating a high carb lunch instead. Which is working pretty great for me.

I am trying to eat high carb low fat and I’m feeling really good. This is just me personally but I don’t like to restrict. I don’t like to feel like I’m on some fad diet. I know Raw Till 4 is more of a lifestyle. That’s why I failed on Tone It Up and that’s why I failed on a calorie restriction diet. I am looking for something long term that is going to make me feel good. I have been watching a lot of High Carb Hannah’s videos and other high carb Youtubers and I’m pretty sure that this is where I am heading so I will keep you informed on that. If you are reading this and think that carbs are bad then please look into the Starch Solution and the high carb low fat diets! 🙂


Inspired by other vegan Youtubers, I have been looking into cycling. My old mountain bike is too small, very pink and has a rusty chain. So I bought a new bike and it arrived this morning!


It came in this gigantic box and had more cardboard inside so a part of me wishes that I had just gone to a shop but it will get recycled. I really wasn’t expecting it to have any packaging. It came pretty early and I was super excited. Then I was disappointed because it was too big. Except it wasn’t too big. You aren’t supposed to have your feet flat on the ground when you are sat on the seat. At first this scared me because I didn’t feel safe but as soon as I was on the road I felt completely in control.


Isn’t it pretty! I didn’t know whether to go for a hybrid or a road bike as I have only ever ridden mountain bikes but I decided to go for the road bike as that is what most of the Youtubers ride! It’s a lot more lightweight than a mountain bike and it is actually easier to ride. I love it! I went on a 6.5 km ride to try it out and it wasn’t too difficult but I still managed to burn over 200 calories, according to my Fitbit. By the way, I was a lot fitter a year ago but I seem to have lost all of that fitness. Being vegan and healthy has made me feel fitter in myself so I wasn’t really out of breath or achy but I believe my fitness level is still pretty low. I stopped loosing weight after a while but still wanted to feel fulfilled after every meal so I think that cycling will help a great deal.

I know this is a while away as I didn’t want to pressure myself but by the end of August I want to be able to cycle to and from work. Even if it’s just once. It’s only about 5 km away but the reason why it will be a challenge is because I work 7 am – 7 pm and I am on my feet all day. I think I’ll be able to make it there OK, it’s getting home that I think I will struggle with.

Living With Less

I have also been interested in minimalism and have been watching a lot of videos on why and how. It makes so much sense that having less stuff will make you happier and less stressed and I’ve always felt better after a declutter. I have now discovered that I really am not attached to a lot of my things and they serve no purpose. Carl and I have begun sorting through and we have also painted the living room. I am going to be making videos on us doing this and the final result. I am no where near able to call myself a minimalist and I think it’s going to be a while until I can but I am enjoying the journey so far.