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Conflicting Opinions On What Is Healthy // Vegan Diets


There is a lot online about what is healthy and what is not. It is super annoying that many of these opinions are so varied. So which one do I believe?

Since going vegan over 2 months ago, I have been doing a lot of research into how to eat healthily. I never wanted to fall into an unhealthy vegan diet full of processed foods. It seems inevitable that a lot of people who have gone vegan in the last few years will come across the raw till 4 diet if they are researching. I did a post a couple of days ago about my doubts about this diet. Yesterday I did a lot more research into this and there are a lot of negative opinions and people who have tried the diet and failed. Freelee defends the diet and says why it hasn’t worked for them – mainly because their bodies are detoxing or have been restricted for so long. So would that mean if I tried the diet the same thing would happen to me? Would I get sick? Would I put on weight? Would I have low energy?

There are so many vegan diets to follow – high carb low fat, Starch Solution, Raw Till 4, fully raw are a few of the most popular ones. Many of them are similar in that they involve fruit, vegetables, whole foods and are fairly low in fats and protein – the apparent reasons why there is less disease among vegans.

Most nutritional experts recommend a balanced diet. So if I am eating the raw till 4 diet, would that be enough balance? A high fruit diet is not meant to be good for you and it would appear that the majority of the people who thinks it is are on this diet and loving it. Who is right? The people who are eating this way or the people who have degrees who recommend eating meat and dairy? I’m more likely going to listen to what the vegans are saying. Or am I going to listen to those who tried the diet and it wasn’t for them.

The only way I am going to find out what is healthy is to see what works for me. Not every diet will work for everyone. I kind of feel that because I was eating a lot of dairy products  before I turned vegan, that eating a lot of fruit and vegetables can only be a good thing as it is better than the diet I ate before. I know that fruit makes me feel so good and so energised. I have decided to try different things until I am happy with what works for me. First I am going to try eating raw for breakfast then raw for breakfast and lunch. I am not going to follow the raw till 4 plan but I will select some meals from it to try. I will be measuring my macro and micro nutrients through My Fitness Pal.  I will keep this blog updated on how it is going.


6 thoughts on “Conflicting Opinions On What Is Healthy // Vegan Diets

  1. I’m excited for you! That’s a good plan, select things that will work for you, we are all different, and different things do work for different people! Listen to Dr. Michael Greger, I forgot to mention his name in my last comment, he’s amazing, he does all the research for you. I listen to him a lot on Youtube, he also has a website full of nutritional info. called (he’s vegan, of course). Don’t forget, doctors do not get the nutritional education that is needed for healthy eating, they are trained to give you pills, etc. when you are sick, when you already have a problem, they are not preventative, unfortunately! I follow a few different people on youtube that explain what they eat in a day, it’s great to listen to and you get so many new fun ideas to eat! Happy eating!

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  2. Since going vegan I had the exact same problem. I now eat what I want (vegan of course) when I want. Mostly I’m starch solution but I eat a lot of fruit. These different versions of a vegan diet have always confused me. So I’m doing it my way. 🙂

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  3. Just because vegan people talk on You Tube – doesn’t mean we have to obey! You are right, listen to your intuition where your food is concerned. Anyone who slags off avocados is dubious in my opinion ;-D

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