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I Want To Try Raw Till 4 But Have Doubts


I bought Freelee’s eBook and I really want to do it. I just have a few doubts/things I need to think about first. These are:

1. How am I going to eat that much fruit in one sitting?

2. Being over full gives me acid reflux so will this?

3. Am I going to have to blend up small amounts of the smoothies over and over again as my Nutribullet is too small? I just spent loads on this and I’m not buying a food processor.

4. Do I need to drink that much living in the UK where it is cold? I do not wish to pee that many times a day especially as I work in a lab where you have to wash your hands every time you leave and enter and that leads to dry, painful and cracked hands. Plus I hate having a full bladder. It is so uncomfortable and when I am out shopping or at someone’s house it would be super inconvenient. Plus I hate having to get up in the night to pee.

5. My shift. I work 12 hour shifts and this could be somewhat of a problem for me because:

(a) I have no time to exercise on working days. I can’t even make time. It’s get up, get ready, leave (not a lot of time for eating either) and then go home, eat tea, shower/bath, go to bed and repeat. There’s just no time in there without compromising sleep.

(b) I get home and have eaten by 19.30-19.45 and then ideally need to be asleep by 21.30 at the latest. You are meant to have 3-4 hours between eating and sleeping. For someone who gets acid reflux, especially after lying down so close after eating, this is a problem. I try to eat a light meal when I get home and even then I sometimes wake up around 11 pm feeling very sick and grabbing a full dose of Gaviscon. It then takes about an hour for me to be able to lie down and sleep. So not only do I feel ill and feel the effects of this the next day, I am also tired and have to work 12 hours on little sleep. Eating so many calories before bedtime is not going to work. Initially at least. I’ve read that a raw diet helps a ton with acid reflux so that’s a pro but the meal before bed is a con – it is now anyway.

(c) My breaks at work are 10 am (1/2 hour), 2 pm (1/2 hour) and 4.30 pm (15 mins). I don’t know how this would affect it yet or if it’s even a problem. Just something to think about.

(d) Will I end up needing to go for a number 2 several times per day. I really do not want to do this at work.

6. My skin is dry since being on a vegan diet which is normal and apparently I need to eat more fats and oils but doesn’t raw till 4 restrict them even more? So won’t my skin get worse?

7. I struggle to stick at things so I’m worried about that.

Things I have figured out:

  1. With the breakfast I would eat half before I went to work and then half on my first break at 10 am.
  2. I would feel amazing and energised and healthy and that is what I am striving for right now.
  3. There are approximately 2 days worthy of sunbathing in the UK per year in my opinion! Therefore, there will be no sunbathing and probably a lack of Vitamin D.
  4. Eating a vegan diet is awesome and its many benefits have made me more interested in health, nutrition and cooking. So it makes sense to take it a step further.
  5. Since eating healthier my Interstitial Cystitis has drastically improved but has not gone away completely. I hear raw till 4 will help. I also want to come off the pill that I was only on for really painful and heavy periods that could well have been caused by all the dairy products that I was eating.
  6. I love fruit and pasta and rice so there are no worries about what I will eat.
  7. Overall, raw diets are meant to help a lot with acid reflux.

I think I need to do some more research and try eating some of the meals from the eBook. If you have any answers or suggestions they will be gratefully appreciated.


2 thoughts on “I Want To Try Raw Till 4 But Have Doubts

  1. Hi again….looks like I’m binging on your blog! I think you should try raw till 4, why not. Even if you try for a week, or a month, see how it goes. I would suggest to take one day at a time, coz it sounds like you’re freaking out a little bit, getting stressed out. You don’t want to do that either. Yes, you might pee more, use the facilities twice a day (I do), but that means your body is working much more efficiently and getting the crap out! I usually eat porridge (with water and ground up flax seed) (I know that’s not raw) in the morning with berries, make a big fruit salad (cut up 6 – 7 pieces of fruit)(usually oranges, apples, kiwis, strawberries, grapes), so it’s ready to eat, and I also have a glass jar full of nuts and seeds, a whole variety, and I literally drink that throughout my day, which is raw. It’s easy, like fast food, but nutritious! oh yeah, and a smoothie, that’s got almond milk in it tho’. So I’m almost raw till 4! I think you can do it! You will find a way to try! Can you leave a jar of nuts and seeds by your side as you work, depending what it is you do, and eat it throughout the day, nuts keep you full and have protein and other yummy things! I love it! Good Luck to you, and keep me posted! Very curious!

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    1. Yes I have a habit of freaking out! Thank you so much for the advice. I guess I don’t have to stick to it exactly – I think that is what I am worried about really. I currently put almond milk in my smoothies so I could continue to do that! 🙂 I work in a lab so I can’t do that but I could always nip out if I needed to. I will :):)


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