Zizzi Review // Italian Vegan Food

This week Zizzi, the Italian chain restaurant, launched a vegan menu. Pre vegan days I loved Italian pizza. It is so much better to have a non greasy thin crust pizza. So to hear that they came up with a vegan cheese pizza delighted me!

I went on Saturday at 12.45 pm to the Lincoln restaurant. The main menu does contain all the vegan options, which was great, but I asked for the vegan menu.


It is a huge step which makes it so much easier for us vegans when eating out. Hopefully other restaurants will take note. The number of vegans in the UK is growing thanks to documentaries such as Cowspiracy.

I ate a lot. I was stuffed afterwards as I had three courses! Just to write a blog post about it… I swear!

The starter was shared. We had vegan garlic bread and it was delicious and a huge portion.


For the main course I had vegan margherita with spinach. I wish I had asked for double spinach because for an extra 80p it was not a lot! I did not fancy any of the other toppings. The cheese was light and creamy and really tasty. It was more liquid-y than I expected but good nonetheless.


After letting my food go down a little I opted for the strawberry sorbet gelato and Carl had the coconut and mango swirl. It was so tasty!


I will 100% definitely be going again in a couple of weeks. Service was excellent, food was yummy and so was my date ;).


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