Daily Struggles Of An INFP


Do you relate to these?

  1. Clumsiness – “Ouch that hurts,” after banging into something for the third time that morning and, “Grrrr,” after dropping something for the tenth time that day. Always in my own head and not aware of my surroundings.
  2. Messiness at home – *Places plates and wrappers on table. Gets up to make a drink. Leaves items on table.* Always leaving mess around the house, almost oblivious to it and no intention of cleaning it up until I have to. Plus I never make the bed.
  3. Cleanliness at work – Always super organised at work. Always wondering why I cannot seem to be like this at home.
  4. Laziness – Never lazy at work. Often lazy at home. I mainly want to spend my time chilling out with the occasionally bursts of energy experienced by playing fetch with my dog.
  5. Motivation – I need to feel passionate about something to do something about it. Yoga, veganism, Myers Briggs, blogging – yes! Washing the dishes, hanging up the washing, hoovering, tidying – no! Procrastination is something I experience daily.
  6. Hermit syndrome – spending days off at home shutting out the world and then feeling depressed because soon I will have to get back to reality.
  7. Getting upset easily- OK, not a daily struggle but it can be when things get overwhelming and just ‘too much.’
  8. Thinking of something to say far too late and there being no point in saying it. Consequently, feeling unintelligent for not being a quick thinker.
  9. Anxiety – Feeling like the world is such a scary place but at the same time feeling like it is the most amazing beautiful thing.
  10. Emotional sponge – Absorbing everyone’s emotions around me. Negative people are so draining 😦
  11. Opinionated but I can never express how I feel clearly so generally do not bother but wish I could back myself up properly without saying ‘er’, ‘thingy’ and ‘you know what I mean.’
  12. Easily hurt – Pretending not to be hurt by something even though I am and will continue hurting for a long time. My mind will remember something that happened years ago, that I want to forget, and I will be taken right back.

Do you have any to share?


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