Making Peace With Stress And Not Shutting Down // INFP Personal Growth


It took me a while to really figure this one out. It’s takes a couple of days with a few things that cause me stress and a few more and I am completely overwhelmed. When I get like this my mind is clouded. I shut down and I don’t want to do anything. I see no point in doing anything other than lay in bed, eat a lot of food and watch Netflix. I always get past those few days. I somehow convince myself to take the steps necessary to get out of the phase of negative thinking and to get back to my usual self. I can only ever do it alone – it is what’s wrong with me not the world. I’m sensitive and sometimes that is really great and sometimes it really sucks.

I’m 25 and at an age where I have been an adult for long enough to understand what goes on. I analyse myself everyday and I think it’s about time that I spot the stressors in my life as soon as they come up and do something about them straight away instead of letting more build up. It’s unhealthy the way I’m living with myself. When I do that even the smallest things that I could normally move past give me hell and put me on mission  depression. But that does not make me feel good and I should do what feels good right?

So here I am making a pledge to the Internet to try harder, to live healthier and to do more of what makes me feel good.

I begin with a list, because I love lists, of a few general things that makes me feel good in no particular order:

Having fun with friends
Working out, i.e. doing something fun that doesn’t feel like working out!
Eating healthy
Playing with my dog
Going on adventures
Dates (not the food, although…)
Having a clean and tidy house

So when I feel the smallest amount of stress, instead of hibernating I am going to talk about it and then go and do something off this list.


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