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The Milk And Egg Dilemma // Veganism


I’m ready to talk about veganism. I tried a vegan diet a few month ago and failed and now I am going to talk to you about my thoughts on this, what changed my mind and why this time I am not going back.

Veganism is something that has been on my mind for a while. I find it hard to make decisions and this one was not easy. There was a lot of confusion and stress on my part and a lot of judgement and criticism from others.

About two weeks ago I stopped eating milk and eggs. There was nothing in particular that made me do it but a series of things. A lot of new vegans have become vegan after watching documentaries and researching. For quite a while I was a vegetarian, unaware that there was still more I could do and I was still contributing to the death and suffering of many defenceless innocent animals. I could not live with that any more. I had watched Cowspiracy and Vegucated a few months ago and tried the diet and failed because I had relied on milk products and eggs for so long that I did not have much else to eat. I upset my stomach several times too and made me anxious that I was not eating the right things.

So what changed?

A couple of weeks ago I watched the documentary Forks Over Knives. This convinced me to try again or at least to research more. It confirmed to me with facts that it was the healthiest way to eat. I researched recipes and alternatives and, for the first time, became excited about food.

The biggest challenge for me was not giving up cheese or milk based yoghurt. It was the views of other people. Eager to talk to other vegans I joined a group called Vegan UK on Facebook. I found a lot of useful advice on foods and products. I felt good and positive about becoming a vegan. I was excited. This group changed that – I was not expecting the negativity. I was transitioning, still somewhat unsure of what my views were. I would say that these people let their emotions get in the way of the facts and were very judgemental of meat eaters and people who are not vegan enough. They* were against animal suffering but verbally attacking humans was OK to them. I didn’t want to be associated with these people. They even made me cry because my partner didn’t want to neuter our dog. I was undecided and I was just asking for advice but instead they said that I was an irresponsible owner and said things like ‘you’re unf*ckngbelieveable.’  That really hurt. That didn’t want to make me become a vegan. People will never become vegan if people are literally demeaning and attacking them. It still angers me now! I know people are always going to be more confronting on line but there was no need for that attitude. I am very sensitive of the feelings of others and so I felt like I did not fit in the vegan community. Since then I have joined nicer vegan groups!

Finding other vegans.

Someone at work was talking about turning vegan after watching some documentaries. Here in the UK I do not personally know a single vegan. I was so happy and it made us both excited to find someone else in the same position. She thought the meat she ate was ethical but now knows that there is no ethical meat. Just this one person agreeing with me and having a similar view point helped to set my beliefs in stone.

My partner is not a vegan and I am OK with that because I am OK with people being to able to make their own choices without being constantly nagged at. When I cook vegan meals for dinner he eats them. He is supportive and understanding but he just doesn’t feel the same as me and I respect him enough to let him make up his own mind. We are still feeding our dog meat based food and I am OK with this too.

Final thoughts.

I am not labelling myself as a vegan right now. I am eating a vegan diet and only buying vegan products but I have been going horse riding for a few weeks now. I go with a friend and we absolutely love it. I can see the perspective that some people have but I currently do not share it. I don’t want to go into this right now so I’m going to leave it there.

If you want to encourage others to become vegan, do it kindly with positivity. Show them how good it is and be supportive. Thanks for reading.

After the research I have done and the things I have seen I cannot go back now.

*It was probably a small percentage of the group that were like this but enough for me to be affected


4 thoughts on “The Milk And Egg Dilemma // Veganism

  1. hey, it’s me again! (he, he) I am sooo glad that you are strong and have continued to be vegan. “GOOD FOR YOU”! I am proud of you. I went vegan on a “Cruise Ship”, no shit! Some people are shocked at this information, but after watching “Cowspiracy” (on the ship), which my daughter had invited me to watch, I changed in a heart beat! I absolutely love animals, always have, and was disappointed in myself, knowing that I am an animal lover, and not having questioned where my food comes from!!!! It’s been just over 6 mths now, and I will never go back! All the info. that I have researched, watched, read, shows that veganism is the healthiest choice for me, for all human beings, for the planet and most definitely for the animals who do not want to die!! You can see the fear in their eyes! It’s horrible! Since i went vegan, my iron level has gone up, I was always at 25, the very low end, and that was with eating meat and taking iron pills….. approx. after 3 mths of being vegan (and almost 2 yrs of being vegetarian), my iron is at 60!! I have never been higher than 25! Quinoa, pumpkin seeds, oats and many more things have iron in it. My B12 is exactly in the middle of normal, my cholesterol went down! There are too many plus’s to ignore! I have lots of energy! (I’m just doing a little research into dairy and low iron, I heard that dairy makes it hard to absorb… I will be looking into that!) I hear what you’re saying about the ….well, disrespectful vegans…. it makes it harder for us other vegans who want to help others in a kind and welcoming way! It can be done! I believe humans need to start being more compassionate and let animals be…. I have bought products now that “do not test on animals”…that’s something else that really disturbs me. I’ll be writing a blog on that, my experience of course. Depending where you live, you can find products, like conditioner, shampoo, mascara, etc., plus there is a list available on PETA. Anyway, hugs to you, thank you for being vegan!

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    1. One thing I love about being vegan is how excited I get when I find another vegan! Or when someone tells me they want to go vegan. It makes me really happy that others are willing to do what’s right for the environment and animals! The other benefits are a huge bonus. I don’t feel like I’m starving before eating meals anymore and I can eat loads and not put on weight. Plus my energy has shot up so I can’t even imagine how good I will feel when I do raw till 4! Yes I had low iron as a vegetarian. I took ferrous sulphate several times. I haven’t had my iron levels checked in a while because I haven’t felt like I’ve needed too. I’m pretty sure it was because of all the dairy ate – cheese and yoghurt fairly regularly. It amazes me what the meat and dairy industry have lead us to believe! I am using up old products and buying new ones when they run out. I’ve been using LUSH which are amazing and original source shower gel. I love it when I see the the vegan symbol on things when shopping! I will look on PETA. Thank you!


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