Why You Should Embrace Your Creativity // INFP Personal Growth

INFPs are creative. It’s considered a strength of ours. However, when I first read that we are suppose to be good at art my first thoughts were along the lines of ‘I’m not talented so what is the point.’ When I think about other art created by other people I can appreciate it but I am very picky with what I like and often would say I like something to please someone else. Creating your own art is about creating something you like and has nothing to do with anyone else’s opinion. It is solely for your taste and a way to express yourself, something that INFPs struggle with as we find it hard to talk about our feelings.

Thinking back now I used to sew and do crafts with my Nan most weekends and I did spend a lot of time alone writing but it wasn’t fiction. It was lists of my favourite things, films I have watched, books I had read and the occasional journal entry. I did take art GCSE and got a B but still couldn’t draw well. I study science and now work in a lab and I could never see myself being any kind of artist because I’d ruled that out years ago when I thought I wasn’t good enough.

I saw a photo on Pinterest that inspired me. It is the third pin on this page. I was only searching on Pinterest because of Rachel Aust, a Youtuber and a minimalist. Although I am not a minimalist and don’t wish to become one, I do like the mindset behind it and some of the décor. I set off to IKEA with Carl the next day and I bought 2 table tops, 2 sets of legs, another Bonsai tree and a desk protector. I will be going again on Thursday to buy two sets of drawers, as they were out of stock, which will act as legs in the middle of the desk. Right now the middle of the desk is being propped up by random boxes. I will be uploading photos of the entire study once it is complete but there are quite a few things I want to do to it first. Two table tops make a double desk and at the moment Carl has been using the other to glue together some Warhammer models. The desk is huge and I’ve always wanted a desk large enough so I don’t have to constantly pack away things I am in the middle of whilst I do something else. The plan is to study and blog on one side and do creative things on the other.

There I am going off on a tangent. My point is that interior design is a form of creativity and something I am going to be focusing on this year. Choosing furniture, editing photos for the wall and getting inspired from Pinterest is making me happy right now. It’s fulfilling something inside of me. I’ve never really focused on having a beautiful home before. I haven’t had the money before to do what I really want to and I didn’t really care that much because we are in rented accommodation and hoping to buy in a couple of years.

Since putting my desk together I have spent most of my time here. I am still sat here at 8.22 pm when I’m normally sitting on the sofa watching Netflix, which now I can easily do at my desk whilst in pursuit of some other creative task.

So far those tasks have included finishing projects that I started last year but had not bothered to complete such as painting miniature birdhouses for decoration, cutting things out of magazines that I purposefully saved to stick into my scrapbook (something you do as a kid but still just as fun), candle making, deciding what to do with some broken up slate that I collected off the side of the road and editing photos to put on a gallery wall.


My beautiful new Bonsai tree. I used broken a piece of slate and a white pencil to create this label. 

Thus, I have learned that you do not need to be a famous artist or work in the field to embrace your creative side. There are such small simple things that you can do to help fulfil this part of your life. For years, I put my talents down and so did not partake in any creative activities for long periods of time and I deeply regret this now. I did not see the point in starting but it has brought more meaning and satisfaction to my life and I really want to carry on the way I have begun. If you do not think that you are a creative INFP change it. Try something new and see if it brings you pleasure.

Learning about my personality type has been nothing but helpful in my journey of personal growth. There will be more posts in this series coming soon.


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