What I Want In A Job // INFP Careers

freedigitalphotos.net by Sira Anamwong

freedigitalphotos.net by Sira Anamwong

The problem with us INFPs doing our dream job is that it may not pay a lot and, although we don’t care a lot about earning a ton of money, we still understand that we need money to live. We are quiet, sensitive people who don’t like the corporate world and dead end jobs that gives us no happiness. We want to do our own thing and not go by the ideals of other people.

I’ve thought about what job I want for many years and have never come up with an answer. I know don’t like working for an employer. I want to work for myself. I have no start up cash and no amazing ideas so I am currently forced to work for an employer. I’ve been a laboratory technician for about 4 and a half years and working for this particular company for 3 and a half of those. They are a great company to work for and the job is suited to me. I do not want to say anything else about it on here. I I recently wanted a change and thought that changing shifts would do the trick. I love working 12 hour shifts because I get so much time off. I would not want to go back to working five days a week unless it was for a pretty amazing job. Anyway, here are the things I want in a job:

  • No set breaks – I hate having set breaks. I hate having breaks when I’m not hungry and having to force food down me because I will be starving later and I hate going for a break an hour after I started feeling hungry. Can’t I just go when my stomach wants me to? I work very poorly when I’m hungry and when my blood sugar levels drop. You can’t just eat at your desk when you work in a lab. Salmonella sandwiches, anyone?
  • Working alone – Being an introvert, this is a very important thing for me. Working with others is draining. I do like it but in small doses please with positive people. Certain people suck all my energy away and, unfortunately, every workplace seems to have at least one of these types and when they get together it is soul sucking.
  • Different things every day – I like variety. A lot. I get bored doing the same thing over and over again.
  • Something I care about – this is very important. I like science but to get a decent job in the field you need to have a degree in a specialised field. Other ideas of  I’ve had are environmental projects, conservation, animals and that’s about it!
  • Working for myself – something I’ve always want to do but it doesn’t offer my stability and I don’t have any money to start up or fall back on. I also have no business knowledge and don’t like to talk to strangers so it would be a challenge to make it work. Things I’ve thought about are property management, crafts, blogging and writing.
  • Freedom to do my job my way – I want to make my own choices with no one telling me what to do.

Does anyone else share the same wants? I’m worried I am never going to find the job for me. I would love to be a blogger full time but unless you get thousands of views and are sponsored by brands it is very difficult.


3 thoughts on “What I Want In A Job // INFP Careers

  1. Hey!

    I feel you. My husband (infp) and I (enfp) are just like you. But we’ve both been very lucky since we’re musicians (on tour and teaching) and can work for ourselves. But just like you said, those kinds of jobs don’t pay much. We’re always on the verge of needing to ask our friends for money. But somehow it always worked out 🙂 Thank you for sharing your thoughts on your blog. I love it 🙂

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