12 Months Of Instagram Photos

‘Tis almost the end of the year so as I am sat here watching 40 Greatest Christmas Songs Ever on 4 Music, as I can’t find the remote, I thought it was the perfect time to round off the year with some of my favourite Insta photos. Expect photos of my little shih tzu, nature and a couple of selfies.



I went to see Slipknot in Nottingham with friends for my birthday. One of the best gigs I have been to. It was awesome.


Jasper! My cute cute boy one cold January morning wanting me to go outside with him. Hashtags are #comewithme #butitscold.



Apparently I wasn’t in the mood to post on Instagram in February so there’s only two on there. Here’s a smoothie I made.


And here’s a photo I believe may have been from the previous year that I re-grammed.



The weather warmed up and I started to go out more! I did go to Centre Parcs but didn’t upload that many photos so I’m sticking to these two. This one was taken by a place I think is known as Moulton Nature Reserve. I take Jasper here quite a bit. It’s quiet and beautiful.


This one was taken from our driveway. It’s comforting to me as it is home.



Another one from near my home. It was taken whilst walking Jasper. We like to walk up to here because the field on the left has horses in it.


Tone It Up’s blueberry protein muffins. These are so yummy and have cinnamon in them. I froze a batch and warmed them up in the microwave. They are so healthy but you wouldn’t think so by how good they taste. I really want to make some more.



Another one at Moulton Marsh. This is my all time favourite photo. I love this place. I took Jasper for a walk one morning before work. I even have this photo on the cover of my personal planner. I’m hoping to do a review of my planner at some point.


A 45 minutes walk away from the car park of Moulton Marsh is this place. I walked with my friend from work. I was most surprised that I had burned over 400 calories on an hour and 15 minute walk. I love the boats and I had to take a photo to prove how far we had walked.



It would appear that these two from June are also from Moulton Marsh Nature Reserve. I told you I love that place. Instagram filters show on a photo what I see with my own eyes.


On that same day I took a picnic (basically food from the co-op) and a lunch box with water in for Jasper as it was a very warm day.




My Mum had a birthday get together with family. I saw some family that I had not seen for years which was lovely. I also spent some time with this sarcastic one (my sis).


I also took this one of Carl and I ❤



Couldn’t resist putting this one in, even though it makes this section longer. Cuteness overload.


I visited London twice this year. It’s a magical place. The first time I went to a meetup group and the second time I went with a friend to sight see. This was my favourite photo.


Atreyu were my favourite band when I was a teenager. I still like them 11 years later. I finally got to see them play at the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham. They sounded so good. It was very hot and sticky in there and I actually drank two cups of water. I don’t even like drinking water but it was very hot and free and we were right by the bar. Live music doesn’t get better than these small venues.



This horse was in the field I was talking about earlier. What a beautiful horse! There are often different horses in there and right now there are two muddy ponies.


Did I mention that Moulton Marsh Nature Reserve has a small wood? 🙂



A sudden pull on the lead as Jasper had found this little fella in the Autumn leaves.


The tree that the hedgehog was below onlooking the field.Oct3

Last one – I love these back roads.



He got very muddy on this walk and decided to shake in the car! I decided to go to another marshy area. I’m not sure if this bit came under Holbeach Marsh or Lutton Marsh. Isolated with nice views, Jasper and I loved it.


I changed to 12 hour shifts at work. There’s something really peaceful about leaving the house before 7 am, when it’s dark and everyone else in the area seems to be still in bed. That morning I had to take a photo as the sky looked beautiful and I could see the stars. Then I got caught out – I looked down at my car and had to quickly de-ice it!



At the marsh again but with Carl too. It chucked down with rain as we were nearly back at the car but managed to get a few cute photos first.


Most of the Christmas presents I wrapped up. It seemed to take ages a the ones without bows were the last few as I was getting a little fed up.


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